BPRMDIA – The license plate that took over 3 months to arrive!

After nearly 3 months of working my way through the complexities of purchasing a salvage vehicle out of state, I’m excited to report two things:

  1. My car is now fully registered and legal here in the State of Georgia.
  2. The Bipper Media license plate finally arrived and I attached to my car last night.

Here’s a picture of the BPRMDIA license plate, with a little help from Abigail to show it off:

bprmdia license plate bipper media

The new BPRMDIA license plate finally makes it to our car, with a little help from Abigail to show it off to the world!

Why I’m excited!

More than anything, having the BPRMDIA license plate reminds me that Bipper Media is growing and moving in a favorable direction.  It’s not at all about having a vanity license plate, or showing off in some sort of weird way.  To me, it’s about creating a checkpoint, or a reminder, that I can turn to that will help me to continue moving down this path… it’s only one step in a long process.