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Effective search engine optimization (SEO) would be defined by most businesses as that which allows them to outrank their competition.  This goal, I’ve found, is most easily achieved by paying attention to every detail both inside and outside of a webpage, highly focused site structuring, and a deep understanding that organic rankings are mostly a function of relevancy, and relevancy is mostly determined by the internal linking structural of a website and the depth and breadth of content that’s published on the key (top level) pages within that website.  These are the founding principles that drive top rankings in organic search results in Google and all other major search engines.  The value here, of course, is connecting your business to potential customers at the exact moment they are searching for your location, and / or your products and services. Unfortunately for most, for any given query the top 3 search results harvest the majority of clicks from searchers, which translates into other KPI’s working in their favor such as inbound calls, leads, conversions – customers!

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Starting with an in-depth site assessment,  we analyze the core structure of a website and any potential problems with layout, content flow, site structure (meta data organization), and internal linking logic starts the process of our SEO site assessment.  The SEO site assessment allows us to determine the deepest rooted problems within a website that are holding it back from top rankings in Google.  Over 80% of the causes for low rankings in Google are a result of low quality site structuring, relevancy, and internal linking logic.  The SEO Site Assessment allows us to identify these areas of opportunities and establish a scope of work with detailed deliverables. After the SEO site assessment, conducting in-depth keyword research along with a detailed competitive analysis reveals the most profitable keyword phrases and phrase variations for targeting.  Optimizing the meta data of the key targeted pages within the site, otherwise known as site structuring, is how we migrate the keyword phrases from the research into the key targeted pages.  Performing detailed site structuring is what carries 80% of the weight in elevating a page onto the front page of Google.  The other 20% is made up of domain authority, topical relevance, internal and external linking structure, and other factors.

Local Search Engine Optimization (Local SEO)

Billions of searches are made on Google each and every month, and 60% of those searches are from people looking for a local business? Also, 40% of those searches are made from mobile phones, and of those mobile searches, 95% are made by people looking for a local business, product, or service.

Google Business Page Optimization

The Yellow Pages are dead! Millions of people are now turning to their computers and smartphones to search on Google to find the contact information for local businesses or to find the best local products and services that meet their needs. And the way your local business connects to these potential customers is through your Google Business Page. But your Google Business Page has to be properly optimized, along with your business website, followed by an authoritative footprint of citations broadcasting your business name, address, phone number, and website URL.

Working with Bipper Media

Local professionals and corporate clients alike come to us when they are struggling with little to no exposure in Google for their most profitable keyword phrases, which in turn negatively impacts the growth of their business. One of our client’s biggest frustrations is to see their competitors dominating the top search results in Google and stealing their most valuable search traffic. We’ve been driving client’s websites to the top search results in Google since early 2000 (nearly 15 years now!), and we closely monitor every algorithm update released by Google.  I’m proud to say that our client’s rankings either increase, or remain relatively unaffected, whenever Google releases a major update. This is because Bipper Media focuses on high quality, transparent “white hat” SEO strategies and techniques such as high quality site structuring, intricate attention to detail and balance in meta data optimization, and 100% original & high quality content creation for our client’s websites. And all of the above begins with industry leading keyword research and competitive analysis for our clients. This allows us to understand intimately the factors that are driving your competitors to the top rankings in Google, what the most profitable keyword phrases are for your business, and what it’s going to take to get your business into the #1 ranking in Google. We explain every detail to you and ensure you have an accurate perspective and appropriate level of expectation in pursuing an SEO campaign for your business. Here at Bipper Media, we are passionate about delivering results and the long term ROI that our clients have come to expect.

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Bipper Media has tremendously improved our website SEO. They came in, saw what needed to be done, researched our industry and competitors, provided their professional opinion and then went above and beyond to make it happen. And it didn’t stop there. Bipper Media continues to provide high quality and detailed reporting along with proposals to take our SEO even further. They are big picture thinkers. They are quick to respond and always there to answer questions. Bipper Media staff are our go-to problem solvers. The consulting they give with each project we have is well thought out specifically for us, not a text book answer. They have gone beyond our expectations and we are excited for our continued growth together.

(Jordan Castari, Riskonnect.com)  

It’s been amazing to watch how Bobby not only got us to #1 in Google, but how he makes us stand out in the search results… somehow he has cracked the code!

(Attorney Mo Wiltshire, PDWLawFirm.com)  

Bipper Media has taken our online exposure to a whole new level… the results have been amazing!

(Hollis Griggs, AthensMaterialHandling.com)  

Since bringing on Bipper Media, we’ve seen an 80% increase in sales as a result of our increased exposure and rankings in Google.

(Aimie Fritz, BounceAtlanta.com)  

Since working with Bipper Media, we’ve seen tremendous growth from our ‘high impact’ website and our top rankings in Google that brings in new visitors to our church.

(Pastor Scott Sheppard, CornerstoneAthens.cc)  
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