10 Benefits of Reading to Children

Did you know that kids who read at least 20 minutes a day are exposed to around two million words a year? In addition, they're more likely to score better on standardized tests than 90 percent of their peers. But, how do you [...]

How to Get Involved with a Local Beach Cleanup

Many people are developing an increased interest in protecting beaches and oceans. This is due to the growing mounds of plastic and trash that are being found in oceans and on beaches across the world. A major contributor to this pollution is [...]

7 Fun Fourth of July Activities for Kids

When it comes to the USA's Independence Day, which commemorates the passage of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, Americans sure go all out in celebrating this special day. From going out of town and renting a cabin to enjoy [...]

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Virtual Fashion: Is It The Future of The Clothing Industry?

The digital world has officially entered into the fashion industry. In the next few years, the clothing we see on social media may not be clothes at all, in fact, they might be pixels. Of course this does not mean that physical [...]

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History of Elvis Presley: The King of Rock and Roll

On June 24th, 2022 the new movie Elvis was released starring Austin Butler as Elvis Presley. Since the movie hit theaters, many people have sparked an interest in learning who Elvis Presley was and the life he lived. In this article we will go [...]

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8 Benefits of Imaginative Play for Young Learners

In 2019, a survey showed that around 75 percent of children under 12 are not getting enough active free play. Unfortunately, that problem becomes worse as your child gets older. For children under four, the number is 65 percent; however, it jumps to 77 [...]

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7 Signs You Need to Hire a Construction Accident Attorney

Did you know that one in three accidents in construction is a fall? Most people find construction work to be satisfying and fulfilling. But at the end of the day, you must appreciate that this is a risky job. Accidents are frequent, [...]

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4 Different Events to Celebrate the Fourth of July in Georgia

1. Atlanta Braves vs. the St. Louis Cardinals – Atlanta, GA  What is more fitting than celebrating Independence Day at a ball game? Cheer on the Atlanta Braves, or the Cardinals if you choose to do so, at Truist Park on the [...]

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How to Build Confidence in Your Kids

Did you know that 80% of young children score high on the self-esteem scale? Unfortunately, by the time they're in the fifth grade, that number drops to 20%. How can you help your child build confidence and a strong foundation of self-esteem [...]

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6 Signs You Need to Hire a Probation Violation Attorney

Do you know what happens if you break the terms of probation? It might not seem like a big deal, especially when accidental with no other crime. In reality, probation violation is itself a crime and it's always a serious matter. When someone [...]

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Teaching Children Where Food Comes From

Too many children don't know where their food comes from, which leads to children not appreciating the care and attention taken to make our food. Teaching children all about where their food comes from is an important step for parents and guardians. [...]

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