3 Best Vinyl Stores in Los Angeles, California 

June 25 2024

3 Best Vinyl Stores in Los Angeles, California– Between the 1960s and 70s, vinyl record sales were at their peak. As technology progressed, our society saw a decline in vinyl sales and an incline in cassette tapes, 8-tracks, CDs, and MP3s. With the uptake of streaming platforms these days, most of those technologies used in the past have become obsolete for the masses. However, vinyl records have been making a swift comeback in younger generations. 

Audiophiles have been collecting and playing vinyls for years now, but as mentioned before record culture has infiltrated the younger generations, making it one of the most popular ways to listen to music besides streaming. With vinyls, you get to experience music in a whole new way. The act of sliding a record out from its sleeve, placing it on the turntable, setting the needle, and hearing your favorite artists or bands play can be euphoric for some people. 

Owning vinyl records grant music enthusiasts access to hear their favorite tunes regardless of the day, month or year. Unlike other technologies, vinyl records can last an incredibly long time. Vinyl Records give people of all ages the chance to hear songs not available on their digital devices. Collecting vinyl records is one of the few ways our society has left to connect to the past, as well as the present. 

Here are the 3 Best Vinyl Stores in Los Angeles, California

Rockaway Records
Mount Analog 
Amoeba Music 

This list was created from personal experience, as well as online reviews. Keep in mind that each of these establishments have varying hours and rules for entry. Now let’s dive into the 3 Best Vinyl Stores in Los Angeles, California 

Rockaway Records 

June 25 2024
Image captured by Rockaway Records website

Rockaway Records has been serving the public for 40+ years in Los Angeles California. This vinyl store is home to some of the most authentic Rock n’ Roll records and memorabilia. At this location, you’ll be able to search through at least 1,000 different vinyls of incredible value. Rockaway has 7” and 12” vinyls at your disposal, amongst tons of different CDs, signed autographs, and vintage posters. 

Although Rockaway may sound like a museum full of expensive relics, it truly has a tremendous catalog of rock LPs from the past and present. This store will make all music geeks reach peak bliss and excitement. After observing their vast vinyl collection, consider contributing some of your collection. At Rockway, you can sell your authentic, vintage vinyl records and you can have peace knowing they will be in great hands. Visit this establishment for a chance to see a signed relic from The Beatles, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, and so many others. 

Location of Rockaway Records

Rockaway Records
2395 Glendale Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90039
(323) 664- 3232
Vinyl Record Collectors | Memorabilia for Sale | Rockaway Records

Review for Rockaway Records

Excellent store. They have a great selection of used/new stuff on cd and vinyl, from rock to jazz, world, rap etc…the kind of store you go to find treasures. Good prices and friendly people. You can get new releases for 5$ or less. – Jaime V. 

Mount Analog 

June 25 2024
Image captured from Mount Analog website

Mount Analog is open to the public for browsing and shopping during the limited hours through Friday and Sunday. Occasionally this vinyl store participates in pop-up shops and fairs. This specific store has created a unique selection of vinyl records, cassettes, and books. The aesthetic of this establishment is one that perfectly aligns with its selection of music. You’ll find tunes that fall anywhere between the genres of techno, noise, and experimental. 

Mount Analog has been said to be a bit of fresh air within the recording community. Rather than appealing to the masses, their specially curated selection has made leaps and bounds. It has been said that Mount Analog has also been known to host live events and parties. Check out their website for a brief introduction to their selection before venturing into their store. Find all your favorite obscure artists and bands at Mount Analog.  

Location of Mount Analog 

Mount Analog
2217 Hyperion Ave
Los Angeles, California 90027
Mount Analog (climbmountanalog.com)

Review for Mount Analog 

Friendly staff who’s always willing to help find the hard/rare stuff you’re looking for. Their selection is meticulously curated to be unique with always some good gems. Definitely my favorite record store. A Lot of work goes into this store and it shows. – Andrew B. 

Amoeba Music

June 25 2024
Image captured from Amoeba Music website

Amoeba Music has been welcoming music lovers of all kinds since 1990. This store has spread its reach and influence from Los Angeles to Berkeley and San Francisco. Amoeba has stood the test of time and continues to be a pillar in the recording community. This expansive store has been more than accommodating for every genre of music. They pride themselves in stocking every kind of music from the top 40 to the unique music found in the underground scene. Amongst the vinyl records, you’ll also be able to find a diverse selection of DVDs and CDs. 

Although Amoeba Music is a 21st-century outlet for all things music, it is also a haven for California’s most creative minds. More than just a record store, Amoeba has created a wonderful community of independent music enthusiasts and listeners. At Amoeba Music you’ll get the opportunity to see live performances and get your favorite pieces autographed by some of the best musicians, singers, and performers. Visit Amoeba Music and sift through their large, one-of-a-kind music selection. 

Location of Amoeba Music 

Amoeba Music
6200 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90028
(323) 245-6400
Amoeba Music | The World’s Largest Independent Record Store

Review for Amoeba Music 

I love coming here to check out all the records. They have such a huge selection of music and all genres you can think of. I love diving deep into every single aisle and spending hours upon hours finding great music for my record player. – Alex G. 

Find Your Vinyl Store in Los Angeles, California  

I hope that the 3 Best Vinyl Stores in Los Angeles, California have convinced you to consider collecting priceless vinyls of all your favorite artists and bands. Make sure to check out each of these Vinyl Stores whether you’re a resident or a tourist visiting Los Angeles, California. 

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Lilly Cardoso
I’m an Interior Design Student at the University of Georgia with a minor in Photography. A large passion of mine has always been creating something, whether in the design, art or writing world that makes an impact on people. My aim with my content is to construct a space that cultivates new ideas for many.
Lilly Cardoso
Lilly Cardoso
I’m an Interior Design Student at the University of Georgia with a minor in Photography. A large passion of mine has always been creating something, whether in the design, art or writing world that makes an impact on people. My aim with my content is to construct a space that cultivates new ideas for many.

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