60 Best DUI Lawyers in Orlando, FL

Here's the 60 Best DUI Lawyers in Orlando, FL

Hanlon Law

Hanlon Law


The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen & Associates

Bogin, Munns & Munns, P.A.

NeJame Law

Richard E. Hornsby, P.A.

Skubiak & Rivas, P.A.

Ali & Blankner

Leppard Law: Florida DUI Lawyers & Criminal Defense Attorneys PLLC

Fighter Law

Law Firm of John P. Guidry II, P.A.

Longwell Lawyers

The Law Office of Alexander Pearson

Moses & Rooth Criminal Defense Lawyers

Mazin Law

Mazin Law

The Ticket Clinic – A Law Firm

Panella Law Firm

Law Office of Jeff Lotter

Parikh Law, P.A.

Conan & Herman Attorneys at Law

The Wiseman Law Firm

Grozinger Law, P.A.

Mandell Law

Mandell Law

Law Office of Michael S. Brown, PLLC

Law Offices of Jose E. Lopez, P.A.

Seth Hyman Law

Seth Hyman Law

FL DUI Group

FL DUI Group

Arias Law Offices

Adams & Luka P.A.

Law Office of Adam L. Pollack

O’Mara Law Group

Bigney Law Firm

Bigney Law Firm

Katz and Phillips, P.A

The Defense Group

The Law Office of Jeremiah D. Allen

The Law Office of Travis Williams

The Baez Law Firm

Atcachunas Law Firm

McShane & McShane Law Firm, P.A.

Alers Law Firm

Alers Law Firm


Law Offices of Clint Curtis & Associates

Scott & Medling, PA

MC & J Law, PLLC

Peter Loblack Law, PA



Sergio Cruz

Sergio Cruz

The Umansky Law Firm Criminal Defense & Injury Attorneys