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3 Best Valentine’s Day Activities in Charlotte, North Carolina

3 Best Valentine’s Day Activities in Charlotte, North Carolina- Valentine’s Day is a holiday that brings people together. Love it or leave it, Valentine’s Day is one of the best excuses to remind a partner, friends, and family how cherished and loved they are. Whether you’re a fan of the holiday or not, there’s a chance thinking of a romantic date or gesture is in your future. In this article we’ll explore 3 different date ideas, each idea offering a new experience to spice up this Valentine’s Day. Consider surprising your significant other with a cooking class, a couples dance class, and/or attending a pottery class. 

Here are the 3 Best Valentine’s Day Activities in Charlotte, North Carolina

Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen 
Midtown Ballroom

Each establishment was chosen based on personal experience and online reviews. If you’re looking for date activities this Valentine’s Day continue reading on to learn more. 

Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen 

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Image Captured from Chef Alyssas Kitchen Website

Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Chef Alyssa has notably been cooking her entire life, allowing initiative and delicious food creation to become her passion. When Chef Alyssa met Andrew Wilen, an event planner and marketer, the two hit it off and decided to start a business together. Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen opened up to the public in 2013 with the mission to provide a social, comfortable, and knowledge-centered environment where guests can learn to cook and eat as well. Every member of Chef Alyssa’s team brings their own special talents to the table, in order to share the art and joy of cooking with others. 

Couples are invited this Valentine’s Day to create a scrumptious meal that’ll most definitely shock and wow your partner. On Chef Alyssa’s website, customers can scroll through the wide variety of themed classes, revolving around the holiday. Each type of class has a set price point for entry, as well as skill level recommendations so that no one is left behind. For all the bakers out there, consider signing up for the cake decorating class, where you’ll get to indulge in some chocolate-dipped strawberry cake. All in all, regardless of season or holidays those looking for a cute date night idea should check out Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen. Sign up for a Valentine’s Day class before it is too late. 

Location of Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen 

Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen 
4001 Yancey Road 
Charlotte, North Carolina 28217
(704) 817- 7568
HOME – Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen | Charlotte, NC (chefalyssaskitchen.com)

Review of Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen 

“Chef is GREAT! Well run class on sausage making, but she’s got a class for whatever culinary path you want to explore. Super creative, easy to follow, great kitchen, awesome support staff, and where else do you learn from the best AND get fed afterwards? Great for couples, guys/gals night, foodies, first dates – pretty much anyone who’s into food would dig this.” – Jason C. 

Midtown Ballroom

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Image Captured from Midtown Ballroom Website

Midtown Ballroom is the next Valentine’s Day date idea we’ll discuss. Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, this establishment offers top-notch competitive and social dance lessons for people of all ages and expertise. Customers, better known as dancers, will get to explore a multitude of dance styles all within a fun and exciting atmosphere. The dance style offered includes Latin, Ballroom, Social, Country, and Line dances. 

As mentioned previously, no experience is necessary to sign up for any of Midtown Ballroom’s classes. The classes at this studio are taught in group settings or private settings, so all couples can enjoy an intimate class together, if desired. At Midtown Ballroom they believe that is not just about steps to music. Ballroom dancing reduces stress and enhances memory, concentration and alertness. Couples and individuals alike should consider signing up for a private or group lesson for the perfect combination of mind, body, and spirit. 

Location of Midtown Ballroom 

Midtown Ballroom 
1133 Metropolitan Avenue 
Suite #180
Charlotte, North Carolina 28204
(704) 579- 6000
Ballroom Dance Classes | Midtown Ballroom | Charlotte NC (midtownballroomcharlotte.com)

Review of Midtown Ballroom 

“We took a few dance lessons with Paul before our wedding & can’t recommend him enough! Paul was so great to work with, made our lessons fun & simple, and in the end our wedding  first dance was absolutely beautiful and perfect!” Rebecca M.


2 8 Bp clayworks Bipper Media
Image Captured from Clayworks Website

Clayworks is a non-profit ceramic organization and studio located in Charlotte, North Carolina. This organization is dedicated to promoting ceramic arts, artists advancement, and community enrichment. They do so by engaging, enriching and inspiring diverse populations in creation, celebration, and discovery. This studio offers access to top-quality facilities, equipment, and instruction. At this studio students and first-timers alike are given the opportunity to express their creativity through a tactile and fun medium. All couples looking for a new experience or hobby to do together look no further than Clayworks. This is an organization that cares and invests valuable time in its community and studios. Consider signing up for one of their adult ceramic classes, where experience is not always needed and creativity is always encouraged. This Valentine’s Day, contemplate gifting your significant other a fun experience they won’t forget. 

Location of Clayworks 

4506 Monroe Road 
Charlotte, North Carolina 28205
(704) 344- 0795

Review of Clayworks

“My partner and I had an amazing time here!! I’ve gone to several pottery studios, but Clayworks has been the largest studio with the most attentive staff. We had a private Pottery Wheel Throwing lesson with Molly. She was great at teaching us every step and giving us hands on help to make sure our pieces turned out okay. 10/10, would visit here again!” – Ethan L.

Find your Valentine’s Day Activity in Charlotte, North Carolina

I hope that this article will help you when choosing what to do this year for Valentine’s Day. Keep in mind that each establishment has its own rules and regulations. Treat your partner, friends, or family to a fun experience this year!




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