Since 2013, the interest and deployment in ad blockers has exploded.  People on the web, and on mobile phones, have grown tired of the interruption economy where ads dominate the user experience on websites and apps.

Here’s a telling sign that the future of the internet is on its way to being “ad free”:

interest in ad blockers

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What Ad Blockers Means for Business

With the deployment of ad blockers on the rise, businesses are finding themselves in a dilemma where they have to discover new, more effective ways to get in front of new customers.  This is most profound with businesses that rely exclusively on pay per click and impression driven ad campaigns.

So what’s does ad blocking mean for business?

It’s simple really.  If your business has relied on pay per click marketing (think Google Adwords) to generate new customers, then you’ll be disappointed to learn that your ads are being seen by fewer people everyday as a result of ad blockers.

As a result of ad blockers, you are now forced to become a part of the natural conversation surrounding your products and services.  In other words, if you plan on leveraging the scale and power of the web to grow your business, you need to figure out a new way to reach and connect to an audience of prospects.

And that’s where content and inbound marketing come in!

Inbound Marketing 

The purpose of inbound marketing is to attract new leads and customers for your business through the use of valuable content.  The more value you provide through your content, the more you’ll attract an ever growing audience of visitors to your website.  And these visitors, in due time, will not only share your valuable content more throughout social media, but they will also be the best candidates to convert into paying customers.

Seth Godin refers to this type of content as “remarkable“.

The more remarkable content you produce, the more your audience will grow.  And this translates into growing your brand and attracting more leads and customers.

Content Production

Effective inbound marketing always starts with remarkable content.

And even if your content isn’t remarkable, you have to at least start with producing some form of content and then evolve with the skills that result in remarkable content.

But the bottom line is, in order to overcome the influence of ad blockers, you have to start by producing valuable content.

In most cases, the easiest way to do this is the start a blog for your business.  And from there, understand the principle of accumulating success over time.

Overcoming Ad Blockers

When your business engages in content marketing, and leverages the strategies of inbound marketing to converting visitors into customers, you’ll then overcome the restrictions of ad blocking.

Through the use of content production, your business will no longer have a need for running ads that disrupt users on the web and on mobile phones.

The purpose of content marketing is to engage with users on the web that are already interested in, or searching for, the topics surrounding your products and services.  And the most valuable content is that which provides utility to the end user, i.e. your content was able to serve the end user in a valuable way.

In other words, content that provides a positive impact attracts more customers and overcomes the restrictive nature of ads.

Valuable Content & SEO

One of the greatest benefits to producing valuable content from a business blog is that it attracts links naturally from around the web.

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The more backlinks you receive naturally to your website, the more authority will grow in your website overall.  And the more authority your website has, the more the key pages within your website will rank in search engines like Google.

Search engines such as Google, represent one of the greatest sources of inbound traffic to your website.  They also represent the highest quality visitors to your website because, through the act of searching, these visitors are proactively searching for something related to your business.

This is why traffic from search engines is so valuable to a business, and why the engagement of content marketing is a such a powerful solution to building your business and overcoming the downside to ad blockers.

Even though ad blockers are blocking ads in your browser and mobile phone, Google will continue to show the pages of your website in the search results if they are seen as providing value.

In Conclusion

Ad blocking is a trend that will continue to grow.  Again, people are tired of being interrupted as they browse on the web and on mobile phones.  One of the best ways a business can respond to ad blockers and continue to grow their business on the web is through the effective use of content and inbound marketing.

When your business becomes a natural part of the conversation on the web, you remove yourself from the need of running disruptive ads.  And in fact, by attracting visitors naturally to your website through remarkable content, you end up building a stronger fan base for your products and services, and your business will grow far beyond the impact of any ad campaign.

Ads are disruptive, and interrupt the normal flow of users on the web.  Whereas remarkable content is constructive, and builds your brand as a valuable resource to those who are interested in, and searching for, your products and services.