Enjoying Your New Minimalist Running Shoes Tip #1 – Taking It Slow

So you decided to make the leap forward into the future of running by purchasing your very first pair of minimalist running shoes.  This is a very exciting time for you because you've been the type of runner who's just always stuck to what you know and what's worked for you in the past, and you've probably never been much of a person to take on dramatic change - especially when it comes to your running. But when it comes to your running shoes, the traditional running shoe has recently started to feel heavy, almost like it's slowing you down a bit.  And you haven't really noticed too much change lately in the increase of your running times, or improvement in your overall strength and endurance.  These are some of the reasons you've probably made the leap into your new minimalist running shoes, and I can assure you that you aren't going to be disappointed. As a new runner [...]

Barefoot Running in the 2012 Olympics

Did you know that several Olympic champions have run barefoot? In the 1960 Olympics in Rome and the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, two barefoot runners set records and caught the world's attention with their bare feet. In the 1984 Olympics, Zola Budd, an inspiring barefooted teen from South Africa, tangled up those trademark bare feet with those of American athlete Mary Decker. Decker fell off the track from the collision and an injury to her hip ended her dream of winning an Olympics. Budd, whose bare feet had been leading the pack, fell back so she would not have to face a booing audience from the winner’s platform. Even with that unfortunate race, Budd was the world cross country champion in 1985 and 1986, set world records in the 5K races in 1984 and 1985, and set the world indoor record in the 3K. Budd achieved all of this while running barefoot. Abebe Bikila ran in the 1960 [...]

Naked Foot 5k Sheds More Light on Barefoot & Minimalist Running

One of the more striking features of the demographic that makes up this year's Naked Foot 5k run in Maryland's Meadowbrook Park is the presence of runners who have since given up running because of injuries. However, because of the emergence (and attention) being brought on by barefoot and minimalist runners - and the growing evidence that it does in fact help you become a stronger runner - more runners are showing up at these barefoot running events wearing nothing on their feet at all, or wearing a pair of minimalist running shoes. According to racing officials, over 450 runners joined in the Naked Foot 5k to experience the fun and joy of running barefoot, or gaining the same experience with barefoot running shoes. And as amazing as it is, these runners showed up because most of them have been unable to battle through injuries they incurred 10 or 20 years ago. Here are some comments made by those [...]

Minimalist Running Shoes Will Actually Help Strengthen Your Feet

This whole minimalist running movement doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.  As more and more people are inquiring about the benefits to barefoot running, and people are buying up minimalist running shoes, this is causing researchers to start taking a deeper look into the world of barefoot running.  Or as it's sometimes referred to, minimalist running. Paul Gough, from The Northern Echo has made his conclusion, as many before him are making, that barefoot (or minimalist) running does indeed have its benefits.  The main benefits that you'll gain from barefoot running appear to be endless, according to Gough - less pressure on the knees, learn to run properly and efficiently, improve your balance and even save money on replacing shoes every six months to name but a few. Think of it like this.  If you walked around all the time with a knee brace on your leg, when you removed that brace your knee would be very [...]

Barefoot Running Business Is Booming

When it comes to the barefoot running business, according to Colin McKean, the manager of Run Away shoes in Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin, business is booming.  That's right folks, and you thought barefoot running was just a fad! But let's define, quickly, what we are referring to when we say barefoot running.  We are not actually talking about someone stripping their feet completely of socks and shoes.  Oh no, that we be too pre-historic of us.  What's meant by the barefoot running business is the type of shoe that runners are purchasing.  Barefoot running shoes, that McKean sees flying off his shelves are those that are super thin, super light, and designed to allow the runner to, as the supporters of minimalist running would put it, strengthen their feet by running closer to barefoot. Even though some shoe store owners like McKean are seeing 20 or more customers a week coming in to purchase barefoot running shoes, not everyone in the foot [...]

Minimalist Running At It’s Best

You are the type that's been running with regular, thick cushioned sole running shoes forever, but you wanted to start getting more out of your running experience.  You've heard a lot about the new trend in barefoot running and also minimalist running.  Barefoot running seemed a bit too extreme for you, so you opted instead to look into the world of minimalist running. You are ready to get out on the road and start building your up to a strong minimalist runner... but you haven't yet decided what the best minimalist running shoe is - yet that is! As someone who's interested in minimalist running, you need a shoe that obviously has a very thin sole.  You also need a running shoe that's extremely light and versatile.  After all, these are the attributes that have made you weary of the traditional running shoe and what caused you to learn more toward a minimalist running lifestyle - right? One of [...]

Making The Switch To Barefoot Running Shoes

Thinking about making a switch to barefoot running shoes?  If so, make sure you consider these tips as you make the change! The barefoot running movement is become more popular now than ever.  Many runners worldwide who've been introduced to the benefits of barefoot running, have been educating themselves, experiment with the new style of running, and making the move.  But if you've recently been introduced to barefoot running and are considering making the switch - or just try out the new style - there are some things you'll want to consider before diving right. #1:  Barefoot Running Shoes First and foremost, a lot of the people who are making the switch from traditional running shoes to the barefoot running movement are doing so without going 100% barefoot.  There are a few who actually make the switch to a 100% barefoot style of running - meaning absolutely no shoe whatsoever.  But a large portion of the barefoot running movement [...]

The Secret To Stronger Feet Revealed! Expert Audio Interview (Listen Here)

Listen Here >> Stronger Feet / Barefoot Running Shoes And the barefoot movement rolls on... in fact the barefoot movement is picking up so much speed that Dr's. are now starting to conduct in-depth research to better understand the pros and cons of barefoot walking and running.  But even though the barefoot movement is picking up steam worldwide, there's a large segment of this movement that's interested in barefoot running shoes, or minimalist running shoes - those who want to the full barefoot experience without... well... being 100% barefoot. But are there really benefits to barefoot running shoes? For those of you who are just getting started in the barefoot movement, especially barefoot running, then the best advice for you is to take it slow at first.  Barefoot, or minimalist running, is something that must be gradually adopted - especially if you are overweight or otherwise not used to exercising.  But for those who are out there running, walking, [...]

3 Reasons To Consider The Minimalist Running Shoes

A great debate is forming as to whether or not minimalist running shoes are healthy for runners.  This article will highlight three reasons as to why minimalist running shoes may, after all, be the best option for developing a more natural running form. Over the past several years, there's been a shifting paradigm in the world of runners from a traditional running shoe model to a minimalist running shoe.  Minimalist running shoes, if you aren't aware of them, are thin, lightweight, running shoes designed to let the runner feel the ground underneath their feet. And basically, those who are making the switch to minimalist running shoes are doing so under the belief that there are more benefits to running with these thin, minimalist shoes than their are using the old, heavily cushioned running shoes that we're all used to. There is certainly no shortage of arguments that take a stance against minimalist running shoes.  Most people who are against [...]

Pre Order The Feelmax Osma Sports Shoe For Barefoot & Minimalist Runners

Pre order Osma by Feelmax If you haven't noticed yet, Spring is here! Flowers are blooming, the weather is warming up (actually, it's getting down right hot here in the South), and people are itching to get outdoors for some fun springtime activities.  It's always around this time of the year when runners, hikers, walkers, and other sporty types are bursting at the seems to get outdoors and take in the beautiful spring weather. In a lot of ways, I've always thought of Spring, with all the new colors of the flowers, plants and trees - as more beautiful than the fall season... but that's just me. Osma Shoe by Feelmax:  Minimalist & Barefoot Runner's Delight Along with the Spring time excitement comes the people who have been, or are just getting into the minimalist or barefoot running movement. Some people simply want to feel the ground under their feet when they are walking, running, or hiking. And for [...]

Barefoot (Minimalist) Running Picks Up Stride With Spring

With the first week of April behind us, I'd safely say that in most parts of the country people are in full stride with Spring.  Heck, here in the south people are already talking about how hot it's going to be this summer.  But one activity that really starts to take off in the springtime is running.  And this year, 2012, barefoot running - or minimalist running - is picking up some popularity. What is barefoot running, or minimalist running?  According to Wikipedia, running in thin-soled, flexible shoes such as moccasins, huaraches, barefoot-inspired shoes and other minimalist footwear is often calledminimalist running. Minimalist running is biomechanically related to barefoot running, but alters sensory feedback from the plantar mechanoreceptors. Running in modern running shoes is quite different from barefoot running. People have found that minimalist running (or barefoot running) helps runners keep a more 'proper' position while running and in turn, have a better and more productive running experience.  And again, with Spring time upon us, the minimalist running [...]