Barefoot Running in the 2012 Olympics

Did you know that several Olympic champions have run barefoot? In the 1960 Olympics in Rome and the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, two barefoot runners set records and caught the world's attention with their bare feet. In the 1984 Olympics, Zola Budd, an inspiring barefooted teen from South Africa, tangled up those trademark bare feet with those of American athlete Mary Decker. Decker fell off the track from the collision and an injury to her hip ended her dream of winning an Olympics. Budd, whose bare feet had been leading the pack, fell back so she would not have to face a booing audience from the winner’s platform. Even with that unfortunate race, Budd was the world cross country champion in 1985 and 1986, set world records in the 5K races in 1984 and 1985, and set the world indoor record in the 3K. Budd achieved all of this while running barefoot. Abebe Bikila ran in the 1960 [...]

Minimalist Running Revolution Is Showing Up In Atlanta

Whatever the cause may be, there is certainly no denying the fact that across the great city of Atlanta, minimalist runners - and pure form barefoot runners - are showing up more and more often in everything from 5K's to marathons. Atlanta's 11Alive Julie Wolfe caught up with a runner in Atlanta who is adopting the new minimalist running lifestyle.  Woody Dover, who was getting ready for his running in downtown Decatur when Wolfe finally caught up with him, says that "I'm sure I get some crazy looks, but I really don't pay attention", referencing the fact that he's running barefoot this particular morning. Perhaps as a result of Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen, the book that takes you deep into a Mexican tribe made up of ultra marathoner's who run with none, or minimal, shoes on their feet, or perhaps by a small group of runners who [...]

Minimalist Running Shoes Will Actually Help Strengthen Your Feet

This whole minimalist running movement doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.  As more and more people are inquiring about the benefits to barefoot running, and people are buying up minimalist running shoes, this is causing researchers to start taking a deeper look into the world of barefoot running.  Or as it's sometimes referred to, minimalist running. Paul Gough, from The Northern Echo has made his conclusion, as many before him are making, that barefoot (or minimalist) running does indeed have its benefits.  The main benefits that you'll gain from barefoot running appear to be endless, according to Gough - less pressure on the knees, learn to run properly and efficiently, improve your balance and even save money on replacing shoes every six months to name but a few. Think of it like this.  If you walked around all the time with a knee brace on your leg, when you removed that brace your knee would be very [...]

Making The Switch To Barefoot Running Shoes

Thinking about making a switch to barefoot running shoes?  If so, make sure you consider these tips as you make the change! The barefoot running movement is become more popular now than ever.  Many runners worldwide who've been introduced to the benefits of barefoot running, have been educating themselves, experiment with the new style of running, and making the move.  But if you've recently been introduced to barefoot running and are considering making the switch - or just try out the new style - there are some things you'll want to consider before diving right. #1:  Barefoot Running Shoes First and foremost, a lot of the people who are making the switch from traditional running shoes to the barefoot running movement are doing so without going 100% barefoot.  There are a few who actually make the switch to a 100% barefoot style of running - meaning absolutely no shoe whatsoever.  But a large portion of the barefoot running movement [...]

Pre Order Feelmax Kuuva Boots Now, The Ultimate Minimalist Hiking Boot Available

Some people who love to hike prefer to find ways to have the most "natural" experience possible while on the trail.  Whether it's hiking on a beginner's level trail, or something more advanced, some hikers prefer to wear a minimalist hiking boot to get the most out of feeling the ground beneath their feet. When it comes to minimalist (barefoot) hiking boots, the Kuuva boot from Feelmax leads the charge in a fast growing market of enthusiastic minimalists.  The new Kuuva boot from Feelmax comes with a NatuRun outsole that's only 2.3mm thick allowing for the best, most realistic barefoot feeling. But don't think for a minute that the Kuuva boot isn't only being used by hikers alone.  Runners who are into the minimalist shoe type, and who also live in areas like the far north where weather conditions can be downright chilly, have found the Kuuva Feelmax boot to be most adaptive to their running style in cold [...]