B2B Social Media Marketing

I believe one of the most prolific opportunities in B2B marketing exists right now in social media.  For B2B marketing, you can no longer think of social media as the place where you share photos of cats, or tweet about brushing your teeth, and share a video on Facebook of your dog sleeping.  Although these are all great posts on a personal level, this is not where the untapped opportunity resides in B2B social media marketing.

The future I see, and that I’m experiencing today, is one where social media opens the door to connections in hyper concentrated silos, and where social media is creating the biggest opportunity in history for brands to step up and become the thought leaders in their own unique space.

For example, if you are a manager or consultant working in the risk management space, it’s likely that you’ll be attracted to content being shared by major risk management brands.  And if the major brands are sharing in-depth, knowledge based content in social media, it’s likely you’ll end up following them and sharing their content with your own network of influence.  This creates a cycle of exposure and brand building in social media that has never before been possible.

In fact, the more niche your business category is, the more opportunity I see in leveraging social media to increase your influence and build your brand.  Think about the fortune 500 companies and the depth of expertise found within their ranks.  The engineers, human resource experts, managers and executives, all represent in depth knowledge and expertise that can leverage social media in a powerful way.  People all over the world are hungry for the knowledge and information that only you can share.  And this is where social media can play a powerful role in creating network effects for building your brand.