3 Key Areas To Your Auto Insurance Policies

Auto Insurance Coverage in Marietta, Georgia When it comes to your auto insurance coverage, there's a lot of pieces that need to be analyzed and discussed with your local insurance agent in Marietta, Georgia.  Talking with your insurance agent will help you weed through the sometimes intimidating details that accompany an auto insurance policy.  However, even though there are a lot of different types of auto insurance coverage with a lot of different aspects to it, I want to ensure you understand three key components that should be a part of every auto insurance policy. #1:  Bodily Injury Liability The bodily injury liability coverage is the part of your auto insurance policy that's going to cover injuries that may have been incurred during an accident. This coverage applies to injuries to the policy holder and also to someone else who may have been involved.  Along with yourself (the policy holder) and other people involved in an accident, your family members are [...]

Anatomy Of A Car Insurance Policy, Part 1

We're going to start a series called Anatomy of a Car Insurance Policy. There are so many aspects of car insurance that many consumers, even the veterans, get a headache when they need to buy new or update their policies. So look back every week for a new installment. This week we'll start out with something relatively easy: roadside assistance. Some parts of your policy are obviously important, such as uninsured motorist protection. Others, like roadside assistance, may not seem necessarily essential. So when your wallet gets a little tight, you may think about dropping the coverage. But before you do, make your sure decision is well informed. While the insurance policies vary from company to company, roadside assistance coverage offers actual help to stranded customers instead repaying you for bills received while stranded on the side of the road. Here are just a few things that roadside assistance may include: Battery jumpstart: You are in the parking lot [...]

3 Ways To Lower Your Car Insurance Rate in Marietta, Ga.

Nobody likes paying for expensive car insurance, especially high car insurance rates in Marietta, Ga.  Everybody needs insurance on their car however, and it's something that you cannot go without.  But just because you are required, by law, to carry car insurance doesn't mean you have to be paying through the roof for your coverage. Amazingly enough, there are some things you can do to lower your car insurance rates in Marietta, Georgia and start putting some money back into your pocket.  Things that will factor into your car insurance rate will be things like whether your car is financed for 100% paid for.  Or how far will you be driving (miles) total on your car each week.  But again, these are factors that might be out of your control depending on your situation.  For example, if you have a job that's 30 miles away, then you'll be driving 60 miles to work each day and that's out of [...]

3 Tips For Lower Car Insurance in Marietta, Ga.

Do you live in Marietta, Georgia or somewhere else in the metro Atlanta area, and are you wondering how you can actually lower your auto insurance rates?  Are you someone who has a great driving record, but for some reason, you feel you are paying too much for car insurance? If this sounds like you, then don't despair!  First, there's a great auto insurance company in Marietta, Georgia called Waggoner Insurance Agency who's been serving the metro Atlanta area since 1974.  They specialize in everything from preferred insurance coverage to specialty auto, life, and home insurance coverage. When you need the best insurance rates, especially the best auto insurance rates in Marietta, Ga., then give the folks at Waggoner Insurance Agency a call at 770-434-4000. 3 Tips For Lowering Your Car Insurance Rates: Alright, let's get down the heart of what we're talking about here.  Let's learn about some ways to actually lower the costs we are paying on [...]

Need A Good Reason For Cheaper Car Insurance in Atlanta? Here’s A Good One!

If you live in Atlanta and you're looking for a good reason to pursue lower costs in car insurance, then look no further than the cost per mile increases that Atlanta drivers are facing. According to reports from the Clean Air Campaign, commuters in metro Atlanta are traveling an average of 35 miles, which equates to $21 per day and $5,250 per year - based on a 250 day work year.  And apparently the Clean Air Campaign isn't accounting for the frustration that drivers experience while sitting in traffic jams on I-85. These numbers represent a substantial increase from 2011 in the overall average driving costs for 2012.  And the majority of the cost increase comes directly from the large increase in fuel and tire costs. According to AAA, "The average driving cost for 2012 is up due to relatively large increases in fuel and tire costs, and more moderate increases in other areas... Those increases were offset by a [...]