Insurance Atlanta – Learn About Auto, Home, & Life Insurance in Atlanta

Are you looking for the absolute best rates on insurance in Atlanta?  Save money for you and your family on auto insurance, life insurance, and home insurance in Atlanta by calling Waggoner Insurance at 770-434-4000. Insurance No matter where you call “home”, from Atlanta to San Francisco or Seattle to New York, insurance is one of the necessities of life.  It becomes the preparation to help smooth the “bumps” of our lives.  Insurance is defined as “a system by which individuals pay premiums to build up funds from which they or their beneficiaries are compensated when death, loss, or disability occurs.”  In plain English, it becomes the nest-egg to help ease pain and /or suffering for yourself or others and even comes with a personal assistant to help and guide you when that time becomes necessary. The three basic types of insurance, are automotive, home, and life which affect every aspect of our personal and family lives.  We wear seat [...]

How To Find Best Auto Insurance Rates in Atlanta

The high cost of getting Atlanta auto insurance can take a significant chunk of money out of anyone's budget. Fortunately, anyone looking for auto insurance quotes in Atlanta can save some money by following a few general rules for finding the best auto insurance rates. Start by exploring the possibility of bundling your insurance policies. One of the top trends in insurance right now is offering the best discounts to customers who keep their auto, home, life, and health insurance policies with the same company. While this can mean insuring multiple cars, or switching over policies, it is possible to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year by keeping all of your policies together. Furthermore, many people like the convenience of dealing with only one company for all of their insurance needs. Next, look at ways to lower your premium by increasing your deductible. While the size of the deductible is one of the most important auto [...]

How To Get Better Auto Insurance Rates in Atlanta

This article is sponsored by Waggoner Insurance Company in Marietta, Georgia.  Waggoner Insurance has been taking care of their customer's insurance needs in Marietta since 1974. The auto insurance market in Atlanta is changing rapidly.  Whether it's because of the rapid increase in cars on roads, or the population boom that most of metro Atlanta is experiencing, one thing is for certain - auto insurance rates in Atlanta are not getting any cheaper.  Outside the loop, otherwise known as 285 that circles around Atlanta, is where the majority of the growth is taking place.  Basically, the suburbs in Atlanta are exploding with new communities, and of course, more commuters who are heading back and forth to work.  All of this increased traffic is one of the reasons we are seeing auto insurance rates in Atlanta increase. How to pursue lower auto insurance rates in Atlanta Even though auto insurance rates are on the rise in Atlanta doesn't mean you [...]

3 Tips For Lower Car Insurance in Marietta, Ga.

Do you live in Marietta, Georgia or somewhere else in the metro Atlanta area, and are you wondering how you can actually lower your auto insurance rates?  Are you someone who has a great driving record, but for some reason, you feel you are paying too much for car insurance? If this sounds like you, then don't despair!  First, there's a great auto insurance company in Marietta, Georgia called Waggoner Insurance Agency who's been serving the metro Atlanta area since 1974.  They specialize in everything from preferred insurance coverage to specialty auto, life, and home insurance coverage. When you need the best insurance rates, especially the best auto insurance rates in Marietta, Ga., then give the folks at Waggoner Insurance Agency a call at 770-434-4000. 3 Tips For Lowering Your Car Insurance Rates: Alright, let's get down the heart of what we're talking about here.  Let's learn about some ways to actually lower the costs we are paying on [...]

Job’s To Lead Atlanta’s Housing Growth In 2013

It's no secret that the entire country has been struggling with job growth.  The fallout of the real estate bubble that started to pop in 2007 has been felt literally all over the world.  The real estate crash nearly brought down the U.S. economy in 2008.  And here recently, Europe has been on the brink of financial disaster which adds even more pressure to the U.S. economy. However, some business sectors have been reporting gains.  And there's even been some buzz that the economy - here in the U.S. that is - is actually starting to recover. Atlanta's Job Growth Here in the metro Atlanta area, and throughout the state of Georgia, there were an estimated 25,000 jobs lost in 2011. But in line with the buzz that we are on the front end of a recovery, nearly 33,000 jobs have been created, which includes an upward revision in the professional and business services, government, finance, and insurance sectors. [...]

Uncovered! Little Known Insurance Strategy Can Save You Thousands

If you live in the metro Atlanta area, then give our friends at Waggoner Insurance Agency a call.  They have offices in both Marietta and Smyrna. Are you in the market for some new insurance?  Or perhaps you are looking to lower your insurance rates on big ticket items like your house or your car?   If so, then you might be surprised to learn that there's an opportunity out there looming where you can jump in right now and possible save over $400 a year on your insurance coverage. When the economy started to tank back in 2007, it sent the insurance market into a tail spin as the majority of consumers started cutting back their expenses and shaving down their insurance packages. As consumers started to shave down their packages, the insurance companies had to tighten their belts and find more creative ways to keep their profit margins increasing.  One of those ways has been to simply [...]

Need A Good Reason For Cheaper Car Insurance in Atlanta? Here’s A Good One!

If you live in Atlanta and you're looking for a good reason to pursue lower costs in car insurance, then look no further than the cost per mile increases that Atlanta drivers are facing. According to reports from the Clean Air Campaign, commuters in metro Atlanta are traveling an average of 35 miles, which equates to $21 per day and $5,250 per year - based on a 250 day work year.  And apparently the Clean Air Campaign isn't accounting for the frustration that drivers experience while sitting in traffic jams on I-85. These numbers represent a substantial increase from 2011 in the overall average driving costs for 2012.  And the majority of the cost increase comes directly from the large increase in fuel and tire costs. According to AAA, "The average driving cost for 2012 is up due to relatively large increases in fuel and tire costs, and more moderate increases in other areas... Those increases were offset by a [...]

3 Tips To Getting Cheap Auto Insurance in Atlanta

Cheap car insurance in Atlanta can be a challenge, especially considering the massive traffic jams that result in higher auto accident rates.  But there are a few steps you can take to getting lower rates. If you live in or around Atlanta, you know that traffic is nightmare.  I never feel more sorry for someone than when I hear they have to make a daily commute into Atlanta for work.  I'm thankful, of course, that my friends have jobs and are at least working. But the fact that people have to fight the traffic jams in Atlanta is discouraging at best. If I'm not mistaken, Atlanta is one of the worst cities in America for commuting to and from work.  And trust me, one trip down 316 coming out of Gwinnett County, or traveling down I-85 early in the morning will quickly show you why this is the case. With all of this traffic comes a lot of auto [...]