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3 Coverage Areas In Every Homeowners Insurance Policy

Homeowners Insurance Coverage in Smyrna, Georgia Homeowners insurance is something that every homeowner is required to carry.  In fact, it's against the law for a mortgage company to close on a mortgage transaction without the property being properly secured with a homeowners insurance policy.  This is just the reality of the housing market here in the United States.  So understanding the basics of a homeowner's insurance policy can help you secure better rates, and better coverage for your home. Below are three main areas that every homeowners insurance policy should have.  There are a lot of elements to a homeowners insurance policy that can be added, or that are otherwise optional, but these are three basic areas that you'll more than likely find in every policy carried on a home. #1:  Structure Coverage The structure coverage of your homeowner's insurance policy is in place to cover any damage that may have occurred to your home.  Damage can include, but [...]

Why You Need Flood Insurance With Your Home Owners Insurance Policy in Atlanta, Georgia

You might be thinking to yourself why do I need flood insurance? I live in Georgia, in a city, nowhere near any water, not even a creek. I don't live on the coast, and even if I did a hurricane hasn't graced the Georgia coast since Hurricane David rolled over Savannah in 1979. In fact we've only had three hurricanes off the Georgia coast since 1900. But even then, I'm far enough away for the impact to be minimal, if at all. Unless Noah's flood comes again, I don't foresee myself needing flood insurance. But flood insurance isn't there for when you flood, it's there for if you flood. If on the off chance that something does happen. And you may be a little closer to water damage than you may think. Plus, flood insurance isn't necessarily for catastrophic events. Even if you did live in a hurricane prone area, such as the Gulf Coast, flood insurance doesn't cover [...]

How To Find Best Auto Insurance Rates in Atlanta

The high cost of getting Atlanta auto insurance can take a significant chunk of money out of anyone's budget. Fortunately, anyone looking for auto insurance quotes in Atlanta can save some money by following a few general rules for finding the best auto insurance rates. Start by exploring the possibility of bundling your insurance policies. One of the top trends in insurance right now is offering the best discounts to customers who keep their auto, home, life, and health insurance policies with the same company. While this can mean insuring multiple cars, or switching over policies, it is possible to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year by keeping all of your policies together. Furthermore, many people like the convenience of dealing with only one company for all of their insurance needs. Next, look at ways to lower your premium by increasing your deductible. While the size of the deductible is one of the most important auto [...]

5 Tips For Buying Homeowners Insurance in Smyrna, Ga.

Are you a homeowner in Smyrna, Ga and wondering if you are paying too much for your current homeowner's insurance policy?  Or are you a new owner, or looking to buy your first home, and you are trying to find some tips on how to buy your first homeowner's insurance policy?  Below we'll share 5 tips that should help you in purchasing your next homeowners insurance policy. #1:  Replacement Cost vs. Market Value When purchasing your homeowners insurance policy, it's important for you to know the difference between the replacement cost of your home and the market value of your home.  In most cases, it's usually cheaper to replace your home in which case the replacement cost would be lower than the market value.  But you have to be aware that the replacement cost could be higher if you purchased your vehicle as a foreclosure or a short sale.  Having a full understanding of both the replacement cost and [...]

Homeowner’s ‘Force-Placed’ Insurance Coverage Hearing Coming To Atlanta

Metro Atlanta insurance news & information sponsored by the Waggoner Insurance Agency in Smyrna, Goergia.  Waggoner Insurance Agency has been serving customers in Smyrna and metro Atlanta since 1974.  Visit their website today to learn more. The controversial force-placed insurance coverage policy is a  topic that has garnered the attention of the top insurance regulators.  And now the attention on the subject is being elevated to a new level with a hearing being scheduled in Atlanta on August 9. What is force placed insurance? Force placed insurance is a policy that is a enacted by a bank or mortgage company when a homeowner falls behind on their original homeowner's insurance policy, or when the homeowner's insurance policy expires due to lack of payment.  The bank will then, acting in its own best interest, place insurance on the home on the homeowner's behalf. The problem with this, as you might imagine, is that the force placed homeowner's insurance policy is substantially more expensive than the [...]

Are Atlanta Drivers Paying Too Much For Car Insurance?

Metro Atlanta insurance news & information sponsored by the Waggoner Insurance Agency in Smyrna, Goergia.  Waggoner Insurance Agency has been serving customers in Smyrna and metro Atlanta since 1974.  Visit their website today to learn more. New report shows discrepancy in auto insurance quotes to low - moderate income drivers. So do you live in the Smyrna, Georgia or metro Atlanta area?  Do you find yourself paying an exorbitant amount for your auto insurance coverage?  If so, then you may have fallen victim to some insurance providers who are reportedly increasing their auto insurance rates above and beyond where they should be. A new investigation is being launched by the CFA (Consumer Federation of America) who has found large discrepancies in what's being charged to drivers who fall in the low to moderate income brackets.  The CFA knows that in today's economy, families are already struggling to make ends meet, and to have insurance companies out there who are purposely - and perhaps even illegally - increasing [...]

Atlanta Woman Poses As Dead Son To Get Life Insurance

This post is sponsored by Waggoner Insurance in Smyrna, Georgia.  Waggoner Insurance has been taking care of the life insurance needs of customers in Smyrna since 1974. Wow!  The things people will do for money is amazing.  Here's a story out of Atlanta where a woman actually tried to pose as her dead son in order to create an insurance policy. The crazy thing is, it actually worked, and the insurance company ended up paying out over $150,000 on behalf of her dead son. It was back in 2002 when Donna Ellis Gibbs' son died in a car accident. And shortly thereafter, Gibbs thought it would be a good idea to actually pose as her dead son in an effort to fool the life insurance company, and to cash in on a $150,000 life insurance policy. The life insurance policy was initiated, and she then altered the documents relating to her son's death to reflect that he died in [...]

Sometimes You Can’t Even Give Cheap Auto Insurance Away

When it comes to California, they are usually the first state to step out on a limb and try something that no one else is doing.  And as such, the legislators in the State of California have built a reputation for being a bit unconventional at times. This unique attribute has come to light recently with California's attempt at decreasing the percentage of un-insured drivers that are on the roads.  Basically, California legislators decided they have found a way to decrease the number of uninsured motorist, make the highways safer, and increase tax revenue through higher corporate profits - all at the same time - through a program called The Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program. The Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program in California allows low-income residents with good driving records to buy reduced coverage at a reduced price: $350 or less per year is guaranteed for everyone who qualifies.  Drivers also get the option to buy uninsured motorist coverage. [...]

One Good Reason For Lower Home Owners Insurance Rates in Smyrna, Georgia

Are you a homeowner in the Smyrna, Georgia area?  Are you looking for a great reason right now to go out and look for lower homeowner's insurance rates on your policy? If so, then you might not have to look any further than your water bill. Before I explain, let me recommend that if you are a homeowner in the Smyrna, Ga. area looking to get a better rate and lower the cost of your homeowner's insurance policy, then give our good friends at Waggoner Insurance Agency a call. Waggoner Insurance has been providing the best homeowner's insurance policies with the lowest rates since 1974. And surely you have friends or relatives in the Smyrna, Ga. area that have heard of Waggoner Insurance.  Check out their website and give them a call today. You may not have heard yet, but the Smyrna City Council members are meeting to discuss increasing your water rates by 8% starting in July 2012. [...]

Job’s To Lead Atlanta’s Housing Growth In 2013

It's no secret that the entire country has been struggling with job growth.  The fallout of the real estate bubble that started to pop in 2007 has been felt literally all over the world.  The real estate crash nearly brought down the U.S. economy in 2008.  And here recently, Europe has been on the brink of financial disaster which adds even more pressure to the U.S. economy. However, some business sectors have been reporting gains.  And there's even been some buzz that the economy - here in the U.S. that is - is actually starting to recover. Atlanta's Job Growth Here in the metro Atlanta area, and throughout the state of Georgia, there were an estimated 25,000 jobs lost in 2011. But in line with the buzz that we are on the front end of a recovery, nearly 33,000 jobs have been created, which includes an upward revision in the professional and business services, government, finance, and insurance sectors. [...]

10 Reasons To Get GrandProtect Auto Insurance in Smyrna, Georgia (Free PDF Download)

When it comes to purchasing auto insurance for you and your family, there's a lot to consider and a lot of different options to review in making your auto insurance purchase.  But what if there was an easier way to buy auto insurance?  What if you could, in one simple policy, purchase all of the insurance coverage you would ever need for yourself and your family? With GrandProtect Auto Insurance, you can achieve all of the above by purchasing one simple auto insurance policy in Smyrna, Georgia and covering your entire family.  No more having to worry about all of the options to chose from.  No more wondering what's the best coverage for each individual member of your family.  What we are talking about here is GrandProtect auto insurance coverage giving your freedom from worry, and allowing you to head into the future with confidence that everyone, and all of your vehicles, are covered with the absolute best coverage [...]

Need A Good Reason For Cheaper Car Insurance in Atlanta? Here’s A Good One!

If you live in Atlanta and you're looking for a good reason to pursue lower costs in car insurance, then look no further than the cost per mile increases that Atlanta drivers are facing. According to reports from the Clean Air Campaign, commuters in metro Atlanta are traveling an average of 35 miles, which equates to $21 per day and $5,250 per year - based on a 250 day work year.  And apparently the Clean Air Campaign isn't accounting for the frustration that drivers experience while sitting in traffic jams on I-85. These numbers represent a substantial increase from 2011 in the overall average driving costs for 2012.  And the majority of the cost increase comes directly from the large increase in fuel and tire costs. According to AAA, "The average driving cost for 2012 is up due to relatively large increases in fuel and tire costs, and more moderate increases in other areas... Those increases were offset by a [...]

How Life Insurance Costs Have Changed Over The Years

This is part of Bipper Media's sponsored content series that's helps small and local businesses connect to new customers by featuring their business, products, and services (learn more). Changing Cost of Life Insurance Life insurance just doesn't cost the same as it did 5, 10, or even 20 years ago - the costs have dropped dramatically.  Now the dynamics at work that are causing this drop in cost of life insurance is complicated, far too complicated for this article. But suffice it to say that healthier living, better eating habits, and perhaps even the aggressive efforts to put an end to smoking have all contributed to the drop in price of life insurance coverage. For example, I was talking with the fine folks at Waggoner Insurance in Smyrna, Georgia just the other day, and we were talking about the dynamics of life insurance coverage. They told me that you can purchase over $1 million life insurance policy today for [...]

4 Tips For Getting The Best Auto Insurance Rates in Smyrna, Ga.

Article written for Waggoner Insurance Agency located in Smyrna, Georgia - visit their business profile page. Finding the best auto insurance rates in Smyrna, Georgia is not an easy task.  With so many competitors in the market space, finding the best auto insurance rates in Smyrna can be like finding a needle in a hay stack. So let me help clear the air a bit for you and show you how, with one simple phone call, you can get a family friendly voice from an insurance agent that's right here in Smyrna. Call Waggoner Insurance at (770) 434-4000 And now to the 4 tips for getting the best auto insurance rates in Smyrna, Georgia. 1)  Review and clean up your limits You probably have a bunch of limits on your auto insurance that aren't necessary, and once cleaned up, you could be looking at a much more favorable auto insurance rate. 2)  Clear out must haves If your car isn't [...]