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Post Card Marketing For Veterinarians

Barx Bros helps veterinary practices build their brand through post card marketing. It's a known fact with a veterinary practice that unless you communicate with your clients on a consistent basis, they are more likely to turn to someone else for their veterinarian needs. However, each veterinary practice has an invaluable resource available to stay in touch with clients - and that is your client database.

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Intro to Client Advice Sheets For Veterinary Practices

When it comes to your veterinary practice, of course you are treating the animals that you love. But ultimately, your interaction and communication takes place directly with the pet owners themselves which means you are ultimately dealing with people. And when a client [...]


How Veterinarians Can Use Seed Packets With Sympathy Cards

It's always worth going the extra mile when it comes to serving your clients in your veterinary practice. After all, your clients are the lifeblood of your business, and especially for a veterinary practice, repeat clients make all the difference in the world. [...]


Veterinary Marketing Tips: The Importance of New Client Cards

Veterinary Marketing Tips:  Each week we'll discuss one specific strategy that will help your Veterinary Practice grow with new customers and a stronger brand over the long term.  This week’s tip is the importance of new client cards in your veterinary practice. Your Second Chance to Make a [...]


3 Post Card Marketing Tips For Your Veterinary Practice

If you own a veterinary practice, staying in touch with clients is the best way to brand your business and keep clients coming back.  Below you'll learn 3 ways that post card marketing makes this easy! Marketing Your Veterinary Practice Let's face it [...]