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What are attorney SEO packages?

Attorney SEO packages are typically bundled SEO services that collectively work to improve an attorney’s rankings in Google search and other major search engines.

The right combination of a few attorney SEO strategies can add a tremendous lift to any attorney’s rankings in search.

In this article, I’m going to show you a powerful attorney SEO strategy that can help any attorney, in any legal market, and literally anywhere in the world, increase their rankings in Google search and get more clients for their law firm.


As a law firm, you may be wondering how to leverage search engines like Google to grow your practice.

You could follow the crowd and start pouring 10’s of thousands of dollars into Google Ads.

The unfortunate side of this strategy is that Google Ads are expensive, especially in the legal market.

For example, the average cost per click for “Atlanta personal injury lawyer” is over $100 per click.

That’s just insane!

How long can you truly sustain your growth strategy while paying over $100 per click for personal injury clients?

But with the right attorney SEO strategy, you’ll soon learn the power and leverage from top rankings in Google organic search.

Getting found in the top organic search results means you get more traffic without having to pay per click.

Not only does that put more money into the bottom line of your law firm’s balance sheets, but you as an attorney get more phone calls from higher quality clients who need your legal services.

3 Components To A Powerful Attorney SEO Package

#1:  Backlinks & Citations

Authority is by far the most important catalyst to increasing your rankings in Google organic and Google Maps search results.

Google search results are, in essence, a sorted list of web pages ranked from highest to lowest levels of authority.

And the best way for your law firm to increase authority in both Google organic and Google Maps and is build more authority… period!

Citations:  a citation is basically your law firm’s name and street address.

Not only does your citation data across the web need to be consistent, but you also need a wide net of citations published across the web to help reinforce the authority of your location in Google Maps.

A citation audit and cleanup would solve any consistency issues with your law firm’s business data.

And then a citation distribution campaign will help you dramatically increase your citations published across the web.

Backlinks:   but now it’s time to bring in the big guns, which are backlinks.

High authority backlinks are, by far, the most important component to increasing your rankings in Google search — both in Google organic and Google Maps.

Citations will also take your law firm so far in building authority for top rankings in search.

And if you are located in large metro areas, then citations simply won’t be enough to put you over the top.

That’s where high authority backlinks come in to give you the fuel to rocket to the top of Google search results.

We recommend building a minimum of DA 40+ (domain authority of 40+) level backlinks.

And we (Bipper Media) have access to some of the most authoritative backlinks available on the web.

Here’s just a few examples of where we are building powerful backlinks for our clients:

  • (DA 90+)
  • (DA 90+)
  • (DA 90+)
  • (DA 90+)
  • (DA 90+)

And we have literally hundreds of other .com and .edu sites in our portfolio of backlink building resources.

Getting just a few high DA level backlinks can be enough to catapult your law firm straight to the top of Google Maps and Google organic search results.

And high DA backlinks are the fuel you need to leap over even your toughest competitor in search.

#2:  Content & Gap Analysis

The first thing any attorney SEO package should include is what’s called a gap analysis.

A gap analysis is where you identify all of the keywords that your competitors are ranking for but you do not.

These gap analysis keywords represent a huge opportunity for you to create content.

What’s the best way to create content?

Answer:  Blog posts!

Blog posts are by far the fastest and most efficient way for you to quickly close the gap on the keywords that you are missing out on.

For example, let’s say you are a car accident lawyer and you run a content gap analysis and you find the following keywords that your competitors rank for but you don’t:

  • car accident settlements
  • who to cal after a car accident
  • top rated car accident lawyers in [your city]

Each one of these keyword phrases represents a topic that can be used to create a new blog post.

Simply take the keyword phrase, turn it into a compelling title for a blog post, then write up 1000 to 2500 words of informative, educational content about those topics.

Utilizing this strategy will allow you and your law firm to quickly build new streams of high quality traffic, and new client prospects, to your law firm website.

One thing our clients love to do is build high DA backlinks back to their high quality blog posts.

Building high DA backlinks to your blog posts is a powerful SEO strategy that will help you close the content gap deficiency vs. your competitors much faster.

#3:  Local SEO for Surrounding Cities

If you are like most law firms, surrounding cities represent a huge opportunity for new markets.

But if your office is located in city A, then how do you get found in surrounding city’s B, C, & D?

Answer:  City Pages

City Pages are sort of like a blog posts, but the title is structured to get your law firm found in surrounding cities.

Let’s say you are a car accident lawyer with an office in Marietta, Georgia

Atlanta is of course a huge surrounding city that you probably would like to compete in.

So you would simply create a new blog post (or page) with a title something like this:

Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer Is Here To Help Now

And then proceed with writing 1000 to 2500 words of high quality content to build out your city page.

The content in your city page should be a mix of practice area related expertise and geographic relevance to the city you are targeting.

Again, using the example of the car accident lawyer in Marietta, but wanting to also compete in Atlanta, the Atlanta city page should talk about both car accident legal procedures along with information specifically about Atlanta.

Finally, most of our clients build high DA backlinks to their city pages to help those pages rank faster in Google search.

Attorney SEO Packages & Pricing

FAQ’s for Attorney SEO Packages

Reviews from Attorneys