Attorney George C. Creal Jr.

Attorney George C. Creal Jr.

Atlanta, GA 30312


Attorney George C. Creal Jr.

George Creal is a Trial Lawyer at George C. Creal, Jr., P.C., Trial Lawyers and an Georgia DUI Law lecturer at Institute of Continuing Legal Education in Georgia. He leads the DUI Trial team at George C. Creal, Jr., P.C., Trial Lawyers’ Atlanta office. George has been a Trial Lawyer for over twenty years.

His background stems from judicial clerkships in both Federal District Court and State Superior Court, litigation for the insurance industry, several years as a contract public defender in Clayton County, and in private practice as a trial lawyer since 1996 and has not guilty jury trial experience in over 100 DUI jury trials, thousands bench or judge trials and technical legal motions, DUI breath testing, Drug testing, Standardized Field Sobriety tests, computerized legal research and plea bargaining.

George began his legal career working as a lawyer to a Georgia Superior Court Judge, a Federal District Court Judge, and County Attorney. He worked as an Insurance Defense lawyer representing Insurance Companies in all areas of litigation. There he learned how to go through a file with a fine toothed comb finding even the most elusive defenses. In recent years his practice has focused more on DUI jury trials.

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Attorney George C. Creal Jr.
480 John Wesley Dobbs Ave NE #190
Atlanta, GA 30312
(404) 333-0706

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George C. Creal Jr., PC, Trial Lawyers

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