High Auto Insurance Rates Continue To Be Questioned

This is part of the metro Atlanta insurance coverage sponsored by the Waggoner Insurance Agency in Marietta, Goergia.  Waggoner Insurance Agency has been serving customers in Marietta and metro Atlanta since 1974.  Visit their website today to learn more. First, let me say that if you live in the metro Atlanta area and you feel that your auto insurance rates might be too high, then you need to call Waggoner Insurance today and let do an evaluation of your policy.  There's nothing more frustrating than to realize that you've been paying too much for your auto insurance. I say that because the controversy continues surrounding the rates that major insurance companies are charging the middle class in America.  And the recently, Atlanta - along with 14 other cities - were part of a survey conducted by the Consumer Federation of America that found that major auto insurance carriers were very inconsistent with their quotes to middle class drivers. According to The New York [...]

Are Atlanta Drivers Paying Too Much For Car Insurance?

Metro Atlanta insurance news & information sponsored by the Waggoner Insurance Agency in Smyrna, Goergia.  Waggoner Insurance Agency has been serving customers in Smyrna and metro Atlanta since 1974.  Visit their website today to learn more. New report shows discrepancy in auto insurance quotes to low - moderate income drivers. So do you live in the Smyrna, Georgia or metro Atlanta area?  Do you find yourself paying an exorbitant amount for your auto insurance coverage?  If so, then you may have fallen victim to some insurance providers who are reportedly increasing their auto insurance rates above and beyond where they should be. A new investigation is being launched by the CFA (Consumer Federation of America) who has found large discrepancies in what's being charged to drivers who fall in the low to moderate income brackets.  The CFA knows that in today's economy, families are already struggling to make ends meet, and to have insurance companies out there who are purposely - and perhaps even illegally - increasing [...]

3 Tips To Getting Cheap Auto Insurance in Atlanta

Cheap car insurance in Atlanta can be a challenge, especially considering the massive traffic jams that result in higher auto accident rates.  But there are a few steps you can take to getting lower rates. If you live in or around Atlanta, you know that traffic is nightmare.  I never feel more sorry for someone than when I hear they have to make a daily commute into Atlanta for work.  I'm thankful, of course, that my friends have jobs and are at least working. But the fact that people have to fight the traffic jams in Atlanta is discouraging at best. If I'm not mistaken, Atlanta is one of the worst cities in America for commuting to and from work.  And trust me, one trip down 316 coming out of Gwinnett County, or traveling down I-85 early in the morning will quickly show you why this is the case. With all of this traffic comes a lot of auto [...]