5 Best Apartments In Athens Ga, The Athens Georgia Apartment Guide

Finding the best apartments in Athens, Georgia can sometime be a difficult task with literally thousands of apartments and apartment complexes to choose from – but our Athens, Georgia apartment guide will help you find the best places to rent and live in Athens, Ga.

One of the biggest rushes on apartments in Athens, Georgia comes from the students attending The University of Georgia.  Each year, nearly 30,000 students flood into Athens ready to get started with their studies.  And although first year students at UGA are required to live on campus in the one of the student halls, there are tens of thousands of students off campus living in apartments and rented homes throughout Athens.  And that’s why each year the apartment market in Athens, Georgia can become chaotic, as students rush to find the best apartments in The Classic City!

But it’s not just students going to The University of Georgia that are looking for apartments in Athens, Georgia.  The city is made up of singles, families, and transient workers who are also looking for the best apartments in Athens.  So the city is really made up of a wide range of demographics looking for apartments, but without question, the student market dominates – especially in and around the downtown Athens, Georgia areas.

Student Apartments in Athens, Georgia

One of the fastest areas of growth for apartments in Athens, Georgia are the student communities.  This is especially true along Barnett Shoals running between Lexington Road and Gaines School.

Below is a list of the some of the best student communities in Athens, Georgia and also one of the hottest places to rent in Athens:

Lakeside Apartments
The Club
The Lodge of Athens
The Reserve of Athens
River Mill

Plus 2 more…

River Club
The “U” – University Apartments
Get your’s added (call 706-363-0335)

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