We’re going to start a series called Anatomy of a Car Insurance Policy. There are so many aspects of car insurance that many consumers, even the veterans, get a headache when they need to buy new or update their policies. So look back every week for a new installment.

This week we’ll start out with something relatively easy: roadside assistance.

Some parts of your policy are obviously important, such as uninsured motorist protection. Others, like roadside assistance, may not seem necessarily essential. So when your wallet gets a little tight, you may think about dropping the coverage. But before you do, make your sure decision is well informed.

While the insurance policies vary from company to company, roadside assistance coverage offers actual help to stranded customers instead repaying you for bills received while stranded on the side of the road.

Here are just a few things that roadside assistance may include:

Battery jumpstart: You are in the parking lot of your local grocery store. Your car is packed with groceries and now your battery is dead. They will come and give you jumpstart.

Flat tire repairs: Everyone gets a flat tire at least once in their lives. Tires have a natural wear and tear and if you aren’t paying attention, their treads can go bare and leave you stranded.

Gas: Perhaps you just weren’t paying attention or maybe your gauge broke. Whatever the cause, they will come and put some gas in your tank.

Locksmith services: Roadside assistance will cover locking your keys in the car. And unlike the police, they will come even if you don’t have a child or pet in the car.

Towing: You bought a lemon; it happens to the best of us. If your car breaks down, they will tow it to the nearest shop.

Roadside assistance from your auto insurance company may be beneficial for you. Consider the following:
Affordability. Most roadside assistance coverage plans pay for themselves in one use. Towing costs about $150 and most plans don’t cost more than $15 a month. Many cost much less than that.

Convenience. You don’t have to find the correct service or fix the problem yourself. This perk comes in especially handy when there is increment weather. And we all know that tires love to pop and cars prefer to breakdown in the rain. It’s much easier to just call your insurance company.

Peace of mind!

Some consumers choose roadside assistance coverage for peace of mind. This perk is especially true for teens or senior citizen drivers and those that live alone or travel a lot far from home.

Check back next week for our continuation of the series. We’ll try to tackle a more difficult aspect of your policy: Your deductible.