Alfred Law Firm, LLC

Alfred Law Firm, LLC

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Alfred Law Firm, LLC

At the Alfred Law Firm, we pride ourselves on meeting the needs of our Georgia and out of state clients by providing efficient, cost-effective representation. Knowing that cost is always a factor when looking for legal services, we offer affordable solutions for our legal representation that meet our clients’ needs.

It has become easier now more than ever to find yourself arrested and charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in the state of Georgia. Georgia police officers undergo extensive training on how to make DUI arrests that will stick; but an arrest does not always mean you have to accept the charge as is. The first step is not to wait! Just because you have been arrested for a DUI does not mean you have to lose your license or blindly plea in court without protecting your rights.

The state of Georgia treats driving under the influence seriously, and severe legal consequences can arise for defendants who are convicted. We treat the rights of defendants just as seriously, and we will fight a DUI charge on your behalf to give you the best chance of having these serious charges reduced or dismissed.

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Alfred Law Firm, LLC
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