8 Websites to Analyze Your Spotify Stats and Listening Habits

There are many websites where you can check your top artists, genres, listening habits, and more. Ever since Spotify Wrapped came out, people began creating other websites to mimic that data collection. Whether you want to seriously analyze your listening habits or you just want to check your top stats, these fun websites can give you insight into your personal Spotify. 

Stats for Spotify

This website gives a basic overview of your top tracks, artists and genres. The website pulls data from the last 4 weeks, last 6 months or all time. 


This website was trending on social media in 2020. You log into your Spotify account and it generates a receipt with your top 10 tracks from the last month, the last six months and all time. It allows you to download an image of the receipt to post to social media or keep for your own viewing. 

How Bad Is Your Streaming Music?

This website is a satirical, faux A.I. program that analyzes your Spotify stats and judges your music taste. The A.I. is trained to be a music snob and make judgements based off of what pretentious music listeners would say. If you’re ready to have your music taste ripped apart, check out this fun website. 


This website gives a comprehensive list of your top genres, artists, songs, and recommendations based on your listening habits. It also gives you an obscurity rating based on how obscure your music is compared to other users. You can view the moods that your music puts out like: danceability, energy, happiness and acousticness. This website is something like an all encompassing Spotify stats page. 


This website uses an AI which makes a playlist based on what you’re currently listening to. It allows you to pick similar artists and sounds to pull from when generating a playlist. It analyzes the songs you listen to based on acousticness, instrumentalness, tempo, danceability, energy, and mood. You can alter those classifications to create a playlist to fit your desires. 


This website is a visualizer that creates visual waveforms based on the audio of songs. All you have to do is play a song on Spotify and let the system sync up to the sounds. You can adjust what the visualizer looks like as well as the speed and what beats it moves on. Sit back and enjoy the visualization of your favorite songs. 


This website helps you find artists, songs or albums based on what you currently listen to. Once you log into your Spotify account, click on an artist and the website will generate a list of songs that are similar to that artist. You can customize the selections by adjusting how fast, danceable, or popular the song recommendations are.   

Discover Quickly

This website takes you deeper into your Spotify top artists, daily mixes, top tracks and albums. You choose your playlists, artists, tracks, or songs. Then you hover over the options and click to dive deeper into similar artists or songs. It’s a comprehensive list that will provide you with new music to add to your library. By simply hovering over the songs, you hear the best part of the song so you don’t have to spend a lot of time listening through each one. You can quickly find songs you like through this website. 

Final Thoughts

I hope you find new music to listen to through these websites. Some are fun, trivial websites to look at, but some are truly amazing at helping you find new music. If you’re worried about logging into Spotify on multiple websites, you can adjust your privacy settings in Spotify. Once you’re done using these websites, you can go to settings and unlink your account from them. 

Happy Listening!

Morgan Jones
Morgan Joneshttps://www.linkedin.com/in/morgan-jones64/
I'm a public relations student at the University of Georgia with a passion for creative storytelling and content creation. The work I produce reflects my love for music, art and culture, and I strive to create content that resonates with college students. Learn more about Morgan


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