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8 Things that Help Children Feel Calm 

Most children have big emotions they cannot control, resulting in temper tantrums and outbursts. Sometimes kids are overwhelmed by their environment resulting in a meltdown, or sometimes, they are frustrated and can’t figure out how to express their feelings. Whatever the circumstances, acting out tends to occur when kids experience powerful feelings they don’t know how to control. The good news is with some practice and patience, you can teach your child to calm down instead of acting out. Here are eight methods for helping children to feel calm. 

  1. Go to a “Relaxing Space”

Refrain from telling your child they need to calm down from a negative thing to a positive something. Create with them a safe space where they can be alone and collect their thoughts. This space can be a comfy spot in their bedroom or a patio chair outside, any space where they can feel relaxed but not like they are being punished. Maybe even set up some distracting activities in this spot, like colouring or their favourite book. Make sure to communicate with your child that this “relaxing space” is not a punishment like time out but an opportunity for them to take a break from a frustrating situation. 

  1. Take Some Deep Breaths

When we are upset, we tend to ignore our breathing either by rapidly increasing it or forgetting to breathe at all. Taking deep breaths can help our bodies calm down and distract us from what we are upset about. Sitting down with your child when they are upset and practising slowing inhaling and exhaling together is a great way to familiarise them with controlling their breathing. 

  1. Counting 

Sometimes we all say things we do not mean out of anger. Pausing before responding can help prevent us from saying things we will later regret. Teaching our kids to count to 10 before responding in a disagreement can be a life changer. 

  1. Go Outside for a Walk or Run 

Going outside and getting some exercise are both great ways to calm down and increase endorphins. If you see your child getting worked up, ask them to go on a walk with you. Just 5 to 10 minutes of walking around the neighbourhood can significantly improve their mood and clear their brain. 

  1. Stretch 

Loosening up by doing a yoga position like a child’s pose or downward dog can help you breathe and bring calmness to your body and mind. These poses are easy enough for your child to do but still something they might see as an exciting game. 

  1. Paint Your Feelings 

Painting can give the brain something else to focus on than the stressor, along with being a creative outlet. Tell your child to paint how they feel and allow them to practise visualising their emotions. 

  1. Take a Warm Bath 

After a long or stressful day at work, there is nothing more relaxing than a nice hot bath. The same holds true for kids. Use bath time as an opportunity to decompress and unwind from the day’s activities. Play calming music or read a story and allow your child to relax as long as needed. 

  1. Create and Repeat a Mantra 

Create a simple mantra you and your child can use to help them calm down. “It won’t matter tomorrow” can help them realise how temporary their frustration is, or “I am relaxed” can help them visualise calming down. 


As an adult, you must be aware of your reactions to situations around your kids. They will mimic that behaviour if they see you getting worked up when something does not go your way. Instead, if you can keep yourself calm and collected in frustrating situations, they will see that and model the behaviour. Being able to remain calm around your children will also help to better that relationship and the overall well-being of our families. 

Encourage your child to figure out what works best for them to calm down and continue practising this together. Being able to calm yourself down is a valuable life skill that is helpful to teach your child while they are still young. 

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