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6 Unique Airbnbs in the United States

Since its conception in 2007, Airbnb has had over six million active listings worldwide.

According to Airbnb’s website, over one billion people have stayed inside an Airbnb, so what is stopping you from adding to that number?

While many Airbnbs may be homes or apartments, some have specific themes, unique architecture and exciting activities that other hosts don’t offer. 

If you are searching for an out-of-the-ordinary vacation experience, check out these six Airbnbs in the United States that you can book right now! 

The Game Estate | Clermont, FL

Current price per night: $1,834 

Photo retrieved from Airbnb.com

Have you ever stayed in a home that offers life-size games, outdoor activities and 13 themed bedrooms that can fit up to 43 people? This is the place for you! 

This lakefront home has kayaks, canoes and fishing gear you can use, but the biggest appeal is inside the home. 

The home’s theme revolves around games, such as Pac-Man, Scrabble, Clue, Monopoly and more!

You can spend hours inside the home playing larger activities like the indoor laser maze, fully-functioning escape room or family TV gameshow studio with interactive buzzers. 

They have life-size games and attractions like human bowling, human foosball, a life-sized operation game, a giant lite brite and seven foot piano that is built into the floor!

In case that is not enough entertainment for you, there is also a movie theater and arcade located inside the home. 

If you need a break from being outside, no need to stress!

You can enjoy the Flordia weather by sliding down two different water slides, swimming in the pool or floating down the lazy river.

Can you think of a better home for a family reunion?   

Click here to see the Airbnb listing.

The Bloomhouse | Austin, TX

Current price per night: $597

Photo retrieved from Airbnb.com

Built in the 70s by two self-proclaimed hippies that were architecture students at the University of Texas at Austin, this fairy tale home provides an escape from society hidden in the woods outside the city.

Also called the giant seashell unicorn, the owners wanted this house to celebrate everything magical and mystical! 

Eventually, Dave Claunch, the house’s current owner, found a real estate advertisement about the house in 2017.

He then bought the home with the hopes of restoring it back to its original form which he accomplished. 

This weirdly-shaped home can fit up to four guests and even has an outdoor shower on the patio! 

If you’re looking for a non-traditional vacation, this is the Airbnb for you! 

Click here to see the Airbnb listing. 

Sady Valley Ranch Wagon | Sandy Valley, NV

Current price per night: $120

Photo retrieved from Airbnb.com

45 minutes outside of Las Vegas sits a wagon that can comfortably fit up to four people! 

Transport yourself back in time by staying in this extremely remote wagon located on the Sandy Valley Ranch.

Though you might feel like you’re living in the past, the wagon still offers modern conveniences such as electricity, outlets, and central heat and air conditioning.

The hosts allow visitors to explore the ranch as they please, where they can find goat pens, horse corrals and three friendly work dogs! 

Of course, they have to offer bathroom facilities too. 

There are hot showers in the ranch house along with outhouses outside the wagon. 

With the closest gas station being 21 miles away, this is the perfect place to visit if you desire an escape from society! 

And don’t worry, you can pay a little extra for them to provide breakfast, lunch and dinner too. 

Click here to see the Airbnb listing. 

Cliff Dweller Suspended Treehouse | Campton, KY

Current price per night: $872

Photo retrieved from Airbnb.com

If you’re striving for a stay that requires work for you to get there, this is the place for you!

After climbing up several hundred suspended stairs tracing the Red River Gorge canopy, you will finally reach your treehouse bolted into a cliff line! 

These two treehouses that are connected by a spiral staircase can fit up to four extremely active guests. 

You can even work from a cliff inside the Airbnb’s dedicated workspace if you choose to do so! 

This stay is not a cakewalk, so it is important to know what you’re getting yourself into beforehand.

If you’re not interested in going up and down several hundred stairs each time you leave the residence, this might not be the place for you. 

But with 4.91 stars on Airbnb’s website, this listing was well liked by past visitors! 

Click here to see the Airbnb listing. 

Silo House | Troy, TX 

Current price per night: $175

Photo retrieved from Airbnb.com

Up to four guests can stay in a silo home that is only a 25 to 30-minute commute to Waco, Temple and Belton.

This renovated grain bin came from a family farm that was 50 miles away from where it sits now! 

According to the listing, this home has been featured on HGTV.com, Business Insider, NBC Texas Today and more.

Not only is the home noteworthy, but so is the host!

Bonnie, the host, was named the Top Texas Hospitable Host by Airbnb. 

There are many offered activities along with experience packages that include making s’mores and special occasion flower arrangement classes. 

When sipping your morning coffee, you can watch sheep and llamas roam outside from the Laughing Llama Farm!

Click here to see the Airbnb listing. 

Hard Time Hotel | Pearland, TX

Current price per night: $85

Photo retrieved from Airbnb.com

This strange-themed Airbnb offers an experience no guest will forget! 

Not only is this listed as a luxury jail suite, but the home also has much more to explore.

In the room visitors stay in, there is a mugshot wall, a realistic electric chair, costumes and orange prison robes!

This is the perfect place for someone who wants to experience what a night in jail might resemble.

Just when you think it can’t get weirder, there is also a Miami Vice themed deck with an outdoor shower. 

But that’s not all! There is an Egyptian game room, Italian living room, and Russian throne room too! 

It is safe to say that you have most likely never stayed anywhere like this Airbnb before. 

Click here to see the Airbnb listing. 

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