5 UGA ADPR Grady Electives to Take in Spring 2023

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It’s advising season at the University of Georgia, and this time can be stressful for many students. Trying to fulfill course requirements while maintaining a balanced schedule can be challenging. However, Grady College does a great job of providing students with interesting, career-driven electives to round out each student’s schedule. 

If you’re majoring in advertising or public relations, there are many elective opportunities available for this upcoming semester. Let’s take a look at the different offerings.

Graphic Communications

Course Number: ADPR 3520
Prerequisites: ADPR 3515
Professor: Kristen Smith
Meeting Times: M 12:20-2:40 & W 12:40-1:30 | M 10:20-11:10 & W 9:10-11:10

This class explores graphic communication in greater detail than the foundations of graphic communication does. It takes graphic communication a step further and students understand how to create designs for print, digital and social media. 

Students in this course practice design, layout, typography, color and illustrations to further their abilities in graphic design and communication. 

Social Media Content and Production

Course Number: ADPR 3550
Prerequisites: none
Professor: Kim Landrum
Meeting Times: TR 9:35-10:50 | TR 2:20-3:35

This course teaches students how to manage, create and develop content designed for social media. It also helps students understand the crucial role social media plays in brand management and development. 

If you want to build your skills in social media management and pursue a career in the social media field, this course will help you achieve those goals. 

Advertising, Public Relations and Health

Course Number: ADPR 5110
Prerequisites: 3850
Professor: Jeong Han
Meeting Times: TR 3:55-5:00

This course focuses on doing PR work within the healthcare field. The curriculum walks students through how to center communication on healthcare trends, risk communication, health promotion and research practice. 

If you want to enter a field in health communication and focus on health and wellbeing, this course will help you gain experience in these areas. 


Course Number: ADPR 5150
Prerequisites: 3850
Professor: Hill
Meeting Times: MW 10:20-12:20

This course teaches students about the foundations of fundraising and non-profit work. It walks students through the history, foundations and execution of fundraising work. It also helps students understand the legal and ethical issues surrounding fundraising to better prepare them for a future career in this field. Students complete a final project showcasing their knowledge of how to properly fundraise.

Digital and Social Communication

Course Number: ADPR 5760
Prerequisites: 3850
Professor: Bryan Trude
Meeting Times: TR 11:10-12:25

This course focuses on digital and social media public relations strategies. It walks students through how to develop PR strategies by paying attention to the target audience, designing messages and evaluating the effectiveness of the strategy. 

If you want to gain more experience in developing effective PR strategies to help with a campaign, this course will guide you through this process.

Bonus: More Grady Electives to Take

There are more Grady electives you can choose from if the ones listed above aren’t interesting to you. This spring, Grady offers six seminars with varying topics, and each course has the same number – ADPR 5990:

  • Podcasting 
  • Design History
  • Copywriting
  • ADPR and VR
  • Corporate Communications
  • The Future of Everything and the Future of You: Strategies for securing a fulfilling job in the 2020s

If you’re pursuing the New Media, Public Affairs Communication or Strategic Heath and Risk Communication certificates, these programs offer their own electives you can also take in the spring. 

If you want to explore these courses in more detail and view past syllabi, go to the UGA Bulletin and type in the ADPR prefix and corresponding course number.

Best of luck to everyone with the rest of this semester! 

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