Not sure if you knew this or not, but LinkedIn has recently launched Company Pages.  This allows you to create a listing for your business that is integrated directly into the fiber of LinkedIn, and benefits from the social networking exposure that LinkedIn is best known for.

This is a new feature, to be sure.  But it’s actually pretty easy to set up your new LinkedIn Business Page.  Since I haven’t yet written a  “How To Setup Your LinkedIn Business Page” yet, I’m going to defer to a great article on Mashable.

Top 5 Reasons To Build A Company Page on LinkedIn’

It’s important, if you have a business of any size, to build a company page on LinkedIn.  No, not just because it’s the latest and greatest social networking platform to take up your time, but because your company page will deliver benefits long after you initially publish it.

1)  Build Your Google Places Page Authority

The first thing I noticed while building the Bipper Media LinkedIn company page was that it gave me the opportunity to add my business address.  This is a great thing because, when you have the opportunity to add your business address in other locations online, it plays into building the authority of your Google Places page.

Most people don’t realize it, but one of the most important elements in your Google Places page is your business address.  And the most times that address it published in other places online, and when it’s consistent with the address on your Google Places page, your Places page benefits exponentially.

This means, your Google Places page builds more authority and can rank higher in the search results of Google, Google Maps, and mobile searches.

2)  Add An RSS Feed

Another great feature of LinkedIn Company Pages is the ability to add your blog’s RSS feed.  Since I’m a huge fan of content marketing, and I firmly believe it’s the best way to build your brand online, being able to add your blog’s RSS feed to your LinkedIn Company Page gives your content one more opportunity to be seen, shared, and consumed by potential leads.

Even if the people reading content from your rss feed on your LinkedIn Company Page aren’t interested in your business, they might know someone who is – and LinkedIn is all about sharing and networking.

3)  Adding / Featuring Products & Services

Once you have your LinkedIn Company Page published, what if I told you that you could now build individual pages for your products and services?

That would be pretty awesome right?

Well, you can… you can easily build LinkedIn pages for all of your products and services.  Think of it as having your own individual pages published on LinkedIn that feature your products and services.

Now, with your LinkedIn Company Page, not only are you able to integrate your business directly into the social fiber of LinkedIn, but your can also create pages for your individual products and services.

This allows potential customers more opportunities to connect with your content.  And as a content marketer, I firmly believe in producing as much content as possible to increase exposure and spread your brand throughout the web.

4)  Post Updates / People Can Follow

I’ve put both the ‘posting updates’ and ‘people can follow’ benefits together because there roles are sort of intertwined.

First, other people are able to follow your LinkedIn Company Page much like people can follow your Facebook Fan Page right now.

And then, as your followers increase, you can add status updates that go out to all of your followers.  These post updates are a great tool to share and spread content, even links back to your blog posts, which all contributes to increasing traffic, awareness, and brand equity for your business.

5)  Sharing Your LinkedIn Company Page

Finally, the last feature I want to tell you about today is the ‘share button’.  You now have an easy way to actually share your LinkedIn Company Page with other contacts on LinkedIn.

This happens at the push of a button.

When you push the “Share” button, you’ll be presented with a text box where you can add a unique message.  You’ll have the option to narrow down who the update is actually shared with – your friends, groups, or individual people on LinkedIn.

Sharing your content in this manner gives you, your content, and your business the ability to increase exposure to more people.

Over time, the aggregate effect of sharing your content builds your brand and helps you more easily connect to news and leads and sales.

It’s all part of the content marketing phenomena!

So have you built your company page on LinkedIn yet?  If so, what ways are your finding your page to benefit your business?