Nobody likes paying for expensive car insurance, especially high car insurance rates in Marietta, Ga.  Everybody needs insurance on their car however, and it’s something that you cannot go without.  But just because you are required, by law, to carry car insurance doesn’t mean you have to be paying through the roof for your coverage.

Amazingly enough, there are some things you can do to lower your car insurance rates in Marietta, Georgia and start putting some money back into your pocket.  Things that will factor into your car insurance rate will be things like whether your car is financed for 100% paid for.  Or how far will you be driving (miles) total on your car each week.  But again, these are factors that might be out of your control depending on your situation.  For example, if you have a job that’s 30 miles away, then you’ll be driving 60 miles to work each day and that’s out of your control.

But there are some things that are within your control that you can do to help lower your overall car insurance bill.  Here’s three tips to help you do just that.

#1:  Avoid Accidents & Tickets

One of the best ways you can tell your insurance company that you are not a huge risk is by limiting the number of accidents and tickets you have.  Accidents and tickets are permanently added to your driving record and your insurance company will definitely be taking notes.  The more speeding tickets you get, for example, the more points are added to your license.  And these points are a green light to your insurance company to start increasing your insurance premiums.  Basically, the more accidents and tickets you have, the more of a risk you become to an insurance agency.  And the higher your risk level, the more you’ll be paying for your car insurance.

#2:  Defensive Driving Course

One of the easiest ways to lower your car insurance rates is to simply enroll in a defensive driving course.  There are very few ways that are easier than this one step.  Having a record on file that you’ve completed a defensive driving course will tell your insurance provider that you are serious about safety and that you care about the safety of yourself, your vehicle, and others on the road.  The exact amount of the discount you’ll receive will vary of course, but enroll and completing a defensive driving course is – without a doubt- one of the easiest ways you can lower your car insurance rates.

#3:  Combining Auto & Home Insurance

Ah yes, the old trick of combining all of your insurance coverage.  This might seem obvious, or even boring to some, however when you combine your auto insurance coverage with your homeowners insurance coverage, you are typically looking at a substantial savings in the amount of money you pay for each.  Insurance companies love it when you bring all of your policies under their one roof, and because of the extra business and ease of policy management, they will typically reward you by reducing the amount of money you have to pay for each.  So call your current insurance agent in Marietta, Ga. and ask them how much you’d be saving if you combined all of your policies.  I think you’d be surprised at how much your savings would actually be.

These are just a few tips on ways to decrease your car insurance in Marietta, Ga.  What are some other ways you’ve gone about lowering your car insurance rates?