Do you live in Marietta, Georgia or somewhere else in the metro Atlanta area, and are you wondering how you can actually lower your auto insurance rates?  Are you someone who has a great driving record, but for some reason, you feel you are paying too much for car insurance?

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3 Tips For Lowering Your Car Insurance Rates:

Alright, let’s get down the heart of what we’re talking about here.  Let’s learn about some ways to actually lower the costs we are paying on our auto insurance.  Everyone, whether you live in Marietta, Georgia, or you are somewhere else throughout the metro Atlanta area, would love to save money on their auto insurance.

Below you’ll find 3 tips for lowering your auto insurance rates:

#1:  Request Higher Deductibles

This is probably one of the fastest and easiest ways where you can actually start saving money on your overall auto insurance bill, and that is by requesting higher deductibles on your policy.  The deductible on your auto insurance policy is the amount you pay when your insurance companies has to come to your rescue and pay for something.  You can decrease you overall insurance costs by up to 40 percent by simply increasing your deductible from $200 to $500, or even up as high as $1000.  The bottom line is, increasing your deductible has the effect of decreasing your monthly premium.

#2:  Drop coverage you don’t need

A second way you can go about decreasing your overall auto insurance cost is by dropping coverage that you do not absolutely need.  A couple of areas where you can look at dropping coverage is with your collision and comprehensive coverage.  This is especially true if you own an older car with a low market value.  Reason being, the collision and comprehensive coverage typically isn’t worthy any claim you make because it won’t exceed the cost of the insurance and the deductible amount.

 #3:  Combine / Bundle Your Insurance Policies

Finally, a third way to lower your overall auto insurance bill is to actually combine and bundle all of your coverage with one insurance company.  the power and scale effect of bundling your insurance policies, in most cases, is that the insurance company you are with will typically decrease the amount of money you have to pay per policy.  Basically, the concept is that you lower your overall bill by combining with one company.

These are just some of the ways we’ve discovered to lower your overall insurance bill, specifically your auto insurance coverage.

What are some ways you’ve found to decrease your overall insurance bill?  Have you found that by lowering your insurance bill, the coverage has remained sufficient?