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3 SEO Tips For Your Law Firm Website

Here are 3 simple tips to help your law firm website improve its overall rankings, traffic, and exposure in Google search results. A lot of law firm websites have been negatively impacted by Google’s recent Panda 4.0 update and have watched their rankings, and subsequent traffic, plummet as a result. These three tips will help any law firm website not only build long term authority in rankings, but will also help you to increase traffic from people who are actively searching for more information on your specific practice areas.

Click to view the slide presentation I put together that reviews the 3 tips, and see if these are something that you can implement to help improve your law firm’s website in Google.

Review of the 3 SEO tips for law firm websites:

1)  Build authority & rankings in Google

This is a tip relating to the overall site design and structure of your website.  I recommend that you turn your homepage into a base hub that links out to the more specific practice areas offered by your law firm.  And then allow each individual practice area act at it’s own silo of content which will allow Google to shore up authority, from the supporting pages, around that specific practice areas.

Here are two examples of law firm websites that are doing this really well:

  1.  when you click on the Atlanta page, notice how you are taken to a section within the website that covers nothing but the Atlanta area practices.  This includes its own navigation bar exclusively for their Atlanta based practices and even has its own “Home” page for the Atlanta area.  To get back to the main homepage, you have to click the header image at the top.  This is an example of a site that’s using a silo of content built around a specific practice area – that being Atlanta.
  2.  here’s a law firm website that takes the idea of siloed content down to the individual practice areas.  You’ll notice the various practice areas highlighted on the homepage, and then when you click each practice area, you then taken to a designated site that is specific that that practice area to include its own navigation and even blog posts.

This silo approach to site design built around each specific practice area helps each area have a more concentrated focus on that specific area of law.  This helps the law firm build more authority for each of their practice areas, which in turn will help them rank better in Google and bring in more targeted traffic to their website.

2)  Stand out from your competitors in Google

The next SEO tip for law firm websites is to leverage the use of video and Schema language.  When you implement video, through the use of proper Schema language integration, you end up allowing your website to appear in Google search results with a video thumbnail image.  This is the standard practice for all YouTube videos, and is something that any law firm website – or any website for that matter – can implement as well.

The benefit of video and Schema language is that you have the ability to customize the video thumbnail image that appears in Google search.  By doing so, you are able to create a branded presence for your law firm and stand out from everyone else that’s appearing in the search results.

I’ve found this strategy to have many benefits to my client’s website such as increased click thru rates from Google search – again, because the site stands out more definitively in Google and so people see the search result faster than all the other results.  And also in terms of branding for the law firm.  Including the attorney’s name, and even phone number, directly in the image allows people who are searching to notice the attorney.  And overtime, this has a strong branding effect as more people see this attorney’s name more often.

Here are a couple examples of this in action:

Google the phrase “brain injury attorney atlanta” (or click here).  What you’ll see is Attorney Michael C. Daniel standing out definitively in the #1 position in Google.  Here’s a screenshot of the search result:

law firm website seo

Google the phrase “georgia self defense attorney” (or click here).  You’ll see Attorney Mo Wilthshire standing out in the #1 search result in Google along with his branded video thumbnail image.  Here’s a screenshot:

SEO Tips For Law Firm Websites

As the last example, Google the phrase “orthopedic injury attorney milwaukee” (or click here).  Here you see Attorney Randy Rozek, along with a custom video thumbnail image, appearing in the #1 search result in Google.  And here’s a screenshot of the result:

SEO for law firm websites

Again, all of the examples above are our client’s law firm websites that are leveraging video and Schema language in order to create a strong branded presence in Google.  This not only improves the branding exposure at the keyword phrase / practice area level, but it also has a positive impact on the click thru rates and traffic hitting their websites.

3)  Increasing traffic to your law firm website.

The final SEO tip for your law firm website is simply to start producing blog posts.  I strongly recommend at two new blog posts per week, or even better, creating two new blog posts per week for each of your targeted practice areas.  Again, this is possible when you follow tip #1 and create a silo within your website for each of your practice areas.

The long term affect of creating blog posts on a consistent basis is increased exposure on the web.  The more content you produce, the more active your website appears online and the more frequent Google crawlers are coming back to your site to index your newly published content.

I hope these three tips have helped you as you consider strategies to improving your law firm’s website rankings in Google and overall inbound traffic.

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