As we approach the 4th of the July weekend here in the great city of Athens, Georgia, I’m reminded of all the fun times we had growing up and taking part in all of the festivities that surround this time of year.  The weather is hot, the hotdogs are on the grill, and the watermelon seems endless.  Not to mention all the of the parades and carnivals (and don’t forget the cotton candy), all of which makes the 4th of July weekend so much fun!

But one thing that’s also a given during this holiday weekend is that kids and pets are constantly running in and out of the house.  Is it me, or does a revolving door sound like a good investment for the summer months?  If your house is anything like mine with kids, the dog, friends, etc… then your house sometimes resembles Grand Central Station.  And because it’s summer, this foot traffic coming from the outside is from kids (and pets) who were just running through the grass and dirt.

This might be obvious to some, but do you know what part of your house is paying the biggest price for all of this summer time foot traffic?  That’s right, your carpet.

To put it bluntly, your carpet is taking a beating all summer long.  With kids, friends, and pets coming in and out constantly, and all of the above  keeping your carpets clean and healthy can be a big challenge.  But did you know there is a simple solution to this summertime carpet cleaning problem?  And the solution is organic carpet cleaning.

Why Chose Organic Carpet Cleaning in Athens, Georgia

Because you are going to be fighting to keep your carpets clean throughout the summer, organic carpet cleaning products are a great choice for you and your family.  And better yet, why not chose an organic carpet cleaner in Athens, Ga. to take care of all this work for you?

There are three great reasons why should chose organic carpet cleaning solutions for your carpet, especially during the summer months when foot traffic is high throughout your house:

#1:  Organic Carpet Cleaning Products Are Harmless To Children

Number one on my list of reasons for why you should organic carpet cleaning solutions is because they are 100% harmless to your children.  Obviously you want to ensure your children live in a healthy environment.  And even though it drives us crazy, we love and appreciate so much the fact that our children are active and playing outside with their friends.  So choosing organic carpet cleaning products for your carpet makes sense for your family because you are not filling your carpet, and your home, with potentially harmful chemicals.  Most organic carpet cleaning products are made from things like coconut, grapefruit extracts, citrus peels, natural minerals and vitamins as well as other harmless herbs, making the products completely harmless to your children even when they decide to eat food off the floor while you aren’t looking!

#2:  Organic Carpet Cleaning Products Are Harmless To Pets

As I said in the beginning, if your house is anything like mine then you have kids AND pets running in and out of house all summer long.  We own a dog named Samson, and he wants to be running around outside right along with the kids.  Which also means he’s running into the house with all kids and laying around on the carpets.  Just like how organic carpet cleaning products are safe for kids, they are also safe for pets.  The natural ingredients in the products make it 100% safe for your pet.

#3:  Organic Carpet Cleaning Products Are Environmentally Safe

Ensuring first and foremost that our kids are safe, and then our pets, we can go one step further in justifying the use of organic carpet cleaning products because they are 100% safe for the environment.  Because organic carpet cleaning products are made up of all natural ingredients, the impact on the environment is minimal, if any at all.  And knowing that you and your family are contributing to the health of the global climate will give you a great sense of citizenship and responsibility.  Plus you are leaving a great example for your children to follow as they grow up and have to make healthy choices for their families.

These are just a few of the great reasons to use organic carpet cleaning solutions in your house.  What are some other reasons you can think of as to why you’d want to chose organic carpet cleaning products for your home?  And if you are using these products already, are you seeing a marked difference in your household?