Vacuum Repair in Athens, Ga.

Have you ever noticed that your vacuum is one of those things you don’t ever think about repairing until the darn thing just doesn’t work?  And then, when you go to vacuum your carpets and realize that your vacuum isn’t working, you feel like the Incredible Hulk is about to come out of you.  Sure, there are some vacuum issues that can be repaired easy enough right there at your house.  Things like unclogging your hose, or getting the excess debris off your roller.  But when it comes to more in-depth issues, this is the time to start looking for a vacuum repair professional.

For those of you who live in Athens, Georgia (home of the Georgia Bulldogs…. GO DAWGS!!!), then you may have heard recently that Oreck shop has closed down.  With Oreck no longer operating in Athens, Georgia this has opened up a great opportunity for other professional vacuum repair shops in Athens, Ga. to fill the void.  One such shop is Clean Home Living on West Broad Street in Athens who’s been providing vacuum repair services in the greater Athens area for the past 30 years.

But how do you know when it’s time to bring your vacuum in for repair?  Below I’ll show you 3 areas where you’ll definitely want a professional to repair your vacuum and get it back to 100% working condition for your home.

#1:  Replacing & Repair Filters

Replacing or repairing your vacuum cleaners can sometimes be an easy task for some people, but you definitely don’t want to make a mistake if you try this one by yourself.  Making a mistake with your vacuum while changing out the filters can cause extensive damage to your vacuum and end up costing you a lot more money getting it repaired.  So save yourself the time and money and let a professional replace those vacuum filters.

#2:  Replacing & Repairing Vacuum Hoses

Vacuum hoses are arguably one of the most critical components of your vacuum cleaner.  The hosees on your vacuum are how the dust gets into your containers and how the air flows through your motor.  Replacing or repair your vacuum hoses is another area where you definitely don’t want to make a mistake while changing them out.  If the hose isn’t replaced properly, then you could be opening up your vacuum to problems down the road.  Again, save yourself the time, trouble, and money by just having a professional replace your vacuum hoses right from the get go.

#3:  Cleaning & Replacing Vacuum Brushes

Vacuum brushes are probably the most commonly replaced components of any vacuum.  These are the parts of your vacuum that are doing the heavy work of scooping up dirt and debris from your carpets and floors.  Replacing and cleaning the vacuum brushes is a critical piece to maintaining your vacuuming and keeping it in great working condition.  However, it’s definitely not something you want mishandled or breaking during use.  To ensure that your brushes remain in great working condition and extends the life of your vacuum, then it’s best to have professionals clean and replace these for you.