Auto Insurance Coverage in Marietta, Georgia

When it comes to your auto insurance coverage, there’s a lot of pieces that need to be analyzed and discussed with your local insurance agent in Marietta, Georgia.  Talking with your insurance agent will help you weed through the sometimes intimidating details that accompany an auto insurance policy.  However, even though there are a lot of different types of auto insurance coverage with a lot of different aspects to it, I want to ensure you understand three key components that should be a part of every auto insurance policy.

#1:  Bodily Injury Liability

The bodily injury liability coverage is the part of your auto insurance policy that’s going to cover injuries that may have been incurred during an accident. This coverage applies to injuries to the policy holder and also to someone else who may have been involved.  Along with yourself (the policy holder) and other people involved in an accident, your family members are typically listed on the policy as well.  One of the key areas of protection that bodily injury liability coverage provides protection is in the event that you are in an accident and someone tries to sue you for a large sum of money.

#2:  (PIP)  Personal Injury Protection

Another key coverage that you need to ensure is properly in place is the personal injury protection (PIP) coverage on your auto insurance policy.  This coverage is designed to provide coverage to the drive and passengers of the policyholder’s vehicle.  Along with covering both the drive, policy holder, and passengers, PIP coverage will also provide coverage for lost wages, if someone else was injured, and in some cases even funeral costs.  Again, talking with your auto insurance agent in Marietta, Ga. will be key.

#3:  Property Damage Liability

The final coverage that I’ll discuss today regarding your auto insurance policy is property damage liability.  This particular coverage is all about protecting and paying for damage that you, or someone who may be driving your car, may cause to other people’s property.  Obviously, the last thing in the word someone else wants is their property damaged by you – or one of your friends – driving their car and damaging their property.  This applies especially to someone else’s vehicle.  But along with damage to someone else’s vehicle, property damage liability can cover the cost of damage to buildings, public utilities, and other property besides someone else’s vehicle.