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3 Best Pizza Restaurants in Chicago, Illinois

3 Best Pizza Restaurants in Chicago, Illinois- Typically when you think of Chicago, Illinois a few things come to mind, the sports, the Bean, and the pizza. You may be wondering though, how did deep-dish pizza get invented? And why are Chicagoans so attached to this type of pizza? In short, Chicagoans love their deep-dish pizza because it was invented in Chicago by two local residents. In 1943, Ike Sewell and Ric Riccardo invented Chicago deep-dish pizza, changing the course of pizza history forever. After Sewell and Riccardo perfected their pizza creation, it became a huge hit in Chicago and spread to neighboring pizzerias across the city and, eventually, the entire country. As most people know, Chicago deep-dish pizza has a much thicker and deeper crush than New York-style pizza. That being said, just one slice can oftentimes be enough to fill the average person up. Meaning, you order less, feed more people, and save more money. If you’ve never had the opportunity to try Chicago deep-dish pizza, continue reading on to learn which restaurants you should visit. 

Here are the 3 Best Pizza Restaurants in Chicago, Illinois 

Vito and Nick’s Pizzeria 
Middle Brow Bungalow 
Robert’s Pizza and Dough Company 

This list of restaurants was created from personal experience, as well as from online reviews. Whether you’re a resident or tourist, consider checking out the following restaurants.

Vito and Nick’s Pizzeria 

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Image Captured from Vito and Nicks Pizzeria Website

Vito and Nick’s Pizzeria is located in Chicago, Illinois. This family-owned and operated business started about 84 years ago when Vito and Mary Barraco opened their first tavern. BY 1945, Vito’s son Nick joined the family business and soon thereafter this restaurant became known for its inexpensive, high-quality Italian cuisine. In 1946, they began making pizzas with the help of Nick’s mother, Mary Barraco. 

One of the reasons this restaurant stands out among its competitors is because of its original Sicilian-style pizza. This style of pizza combined with a secret dough recipe, fresh cheese, tastefully seasoned sausage, and high-quality tomato sauce has been able to stand the test of time. Vito and Nick’s pizza is incredibly famous and still located in the same building for over 58 years. 

This cash-only, non-delivery pizzeria has been serving the community delicious food for decades, granting them loads of street cred. Consider picking up the phone for a carryout order or visiting their dining room for delicious pizza you won’t forget. 

Location of Vito and Nick’s Pizzeria 

Vito and Nick’s Pizzeria 
8433 South Pulaski Road
Chicago, Illinois 60652
(773) 735- 2050
Home | Vito & Nick’s Pizzeria Chicago (vitoandnicks.com)

Review of Vito and Nick’s Pizzeria 

“**CASH ONLY** WARNING** CASH ONLY** 1st time ever at Vito and Nicks. I have seen it on all the Chicago food blogs. Rated the best thin crust in Chicago. It was delicious. Definitely did not disappoint. Very unique taste to the pizza. The seasoning on top of the pizza was super tasty. I tried the sausage pie and the Italian beef and hot giardiniera pizza. Both were excellent! The Old Style Beer on tap was tasty and the price was right.” – Dude Knows.

Middle Brow Bungalow 

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Image Captured from Middle Brow Bungalow Website

Middle Brow Bungalow can be found in Chicago, Illinois. The bungalow is the eatery in Middle Brow’s Logan Square brewpub. This establishment describes itself as an “appalachian-post-punk-queer-feminist-scandi-nadian-belgo-french-countryside-city-farmer beer, bread, and pizza den.”. They are also a bred donation center for hungry people and families within the Chicago area. Guests can visit Middle Brow Bungalow for beers, wine, bread, pizza, and so much more. 

Critics and guests alike have said that the pizza at Logan Square brewery put up stiff competition against the beer Middle Brow is usually known for. In short, their small menu features classics like the Margherita pizza with fresh mozzarella, herbs, and melty caramelized onions. The dough is made in-house daily, allowing each pizza to be as tasty as the last. The only mistake customers can make is not pairing their pizza with an in-house beer, if they’re of legal drinking age. Residents and tourists alike should consider visiting this establishment.

Location of Middle Brow Bungalow 

Middle Brow Bungalow 
2840 West Armitage Avenue 
Chicago, Illinois 60647
(773) 687- 9076
middle brow (middlebrowbeer.com)

Review of Middle Brow Bungalow 

“Their pizza is delicious! The potato and leek is my favorite. All ingredients are so fresh and flavorful. They have a nice selection of wine and beer too. Really helpful and accommodating staff and wonderful atmosphere overall. 50% off (select) pizzas and $5 beer and wine from 3:30-6pm for happy hour.” – Chelsie T.

Robert’s Pizza and Dough Company 

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Image Capture from Roberts Pizza and Dough Company Website

Robert’s Pizza and Dough Company has been serving the public since 2016. At this pizzeria, the Chicago-New York pizza rivalry runs deep. Owner Robert Garvey is a New York native who brings thin-crust deliciousness that even Midwesterners can fall in love with. Found in Chicago, Illinois, this establishment spent 20 years developing an anatomically perfect crust, before opening the dough company. Cooked in a brick oven, these thin-crust pizzas flaunt the correct chew-to-crunch ratio, while being covered in a slew of creative toppings. 

Customers have the option to create their pizzas at this establishment, but most don’t see the need to. Robert Garvey has created a large list of delicious pizza pairings, like the Funghi with wild mushrooms, thyme, and driftless ricotta cheese. For Robert’s Pizza and Dough Company, their proper slice of pizza starts with adventurers, artists, and engineers who simply love to make pizza. This team has deconstructed hundreds of pizzas with friends and family gathered to sample and critique. After years of fine-tuning, Robert’s Pizza moved from an idea to a chef-driven restaurant, waiting to blow customers’ minds with show-stopping pizza pies.

Location of Robert’s Pizza and Dough Company 

Robert’s Pizza and Dough Company 
465 North McClurg Court 
Chicago, Illinois 60611
(312) 265- 1328
Robert’s Pizza (robertspizzacompany.com)

Review of Robert’s Pizza and Dough Company 

“Love this pizza place! Best pizza I have ever tasted in Chicago. Their dough made the pizza special and much more satisfying. The size wasn’t too bad. It is not too big and not too small. We ordered two pizza with one app and it was a perfect portion for six of us. I am definitely coming here again and try out different flavors! Atmosphere: It is always busy in here. And the music is really loud. Service: they were okay. Since it is always busy, expect their service to be slow and also sometimes rude. I understand.” – Kelly C.

Find your next pizza restaurant in Chicago, Illinois 

I hope that this list has inspired you to try some of Chicago’s world-famous deep-dish pizzas. The next time you’re searching for delicious pizza, look no further than the 3 Best Pizza Restaurants in Chicago, Illinois. 




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