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Patients that have missing teeth are usually always in some sort of quest to trying to learn about what their best options are for replacing those teeth.  Whether someone is missing a lot of teeth, or if somehow only one tooth has gone missing, exploring the best options to replacing those missing teeth doesn’t need to be a difficult task.

We wanted to spell out what we believe are the 3 best options to replacing missing teeth.  After reading our suggestions, hopefully you’ll be more educated as you explore your options.  And hopefully these tips will help you make the best decision for replacing your missing teeth.

After all, for someone who’s missing teeth and looking to get them replaced, they want to ensure that the investment they are making will last a long time and bring back a sense of normalcy by replacing their missing teeth.

#1:  Dental Implants

Dental implants are typically considered the best option for replacing missing teeth because they are the option that best represents a real tooth.  One of the best features about dental implants is that they replace your natural tooth root.  The procedure consist of actually inserted a titanium screw into your jaw that represents the root of your tooth.  And with a root in place that is identical to your natural root, the dental implant is now able to be inserted, secured, and bring back the natural feeling as if you never lost the tooth in the first place.

Here are some advantages to dental implants:

  • Implants are permanent, so once in place they are fixed and don’t move
  • pain and discomfort are eliminated because of implants
  • your natural jaw bone is preserved, preventing deterioration
  • implants typically improve speech
  • implants are natural looking, restoring your natural look and feel

#2:  Fixed Bridge

The next best option that in replacing missing teeth is the fixed bridge, or sometimes referred to as dental bridges.  Unlike the dental implants that are actually inserting a titanium screw to replace the root of your tooth (or teeth), dental bridges utilize the teeth that present to the left and right of the missing teeth.

The way a fixed bridge works is that crowns are created to mount on top of teeth that are present to the left and right, and then the fake tooth is built to be in between the two real teeth.

As you can see, this is why they are called dental bridges or fixed bridge – because they are actually anchored to your real teeth.

Again, whether or not this is the best option for you to replace your missing teeth is a simply a question of your budget, your specific dental needs, and the aesthetics that are you are looking for in replacing your missing teeth.

#3:  Removable Options

The final option we’d like to discuss as the best options for replacing your missing teeth are the removable options – or the removable partial dentures.  A removable partial denture, sometimes referred to as RPD, is designed for patients that are looking for an option to have replacement teeth.  Patients will sometimes specifically request removal partial dentures for functional or even aesthetic purposes.

In a lot of cases, the removable partial denture option is one that patients are presented with then they simply cannot have a fixed bridge effective in place.  This is mostly the case when the patient simply does not have the adequate number of teeth in place to set the fixed bridge.    Another reason the removable option is typically considered is because of patients budget constraints.

These are called removable partial denture options because the patients are able to easily remove and reinsert the dentures whenever they need to, without the help of a dentist.

We hope this article helps you in determining your best options for fixing your missing teeth.

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