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3 Best Black-owned Restaurants in Memphis, Tennessee

3 Best Black-owned Restaurants in Memphis, Tennessee- Every year during the month of February, American people celebrate Black History Month. During this month we are called to remember all the important events, people, sacrifices, accomplishments and so much more. Kids National Geographic sums up the premise of the month well, saying, “Every February, people in the United States celebrate the achievements and history of African Americans as part of Black History Month…Today Black History Month continues the discussion of Black people and their contributions through activities such as museum exhibits and film screenings, and by encouraging the study of achievements by African Americans year-round.”. With this in mind, one of the easiest ways to support and celebrate Black communities is through uplifting black-owned restaurants. The attention black and minority-owned businesses get directly impacts and empowers so many important communities. When minority-owned businesses are given a platform not only does everyone involved succeed, but also the local economy. Black History Month shouldn’t limit those to one singular month of support, but rather act as a stepping stone for the public to find new, tasty restaurants that they’ll visit year-round. Residents and tourists alike should consider visiting one or all of the following 3 Best Black-Owned Restaurants in Memphis, Tennessee. 

Here are the 3 Best Black-owned Restaurants in Memphis, Tennessee

Chef Tam’s Underground Cafe
Roxie’s Grocery 

Each establishment was chosen based on personal experience and online reviews. If you’re looking for a delicious new restaurant to try out this February and beyond, continue reading to learn more.


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Image Captured from Lot A Burger Facebook

Lot-A-Burger can be found in an unassuming spot on South Third Street in Memphis, Tennessee. At this establishment, customers can swing by on foot or in a car, order at the window, and be leaving 5-10 minutes later with a scrumptious burger. Owner Cosa Thomas makes each dish to order, so customers are advised to have a little patience because the end product is worth it. 

Customers can receive meals that consist of a double cheeseburger, fries, and a strawberry milkshake, all cooked to perfection. Other menu items include Philly steak, grilled chicken, hot dogs, and smoked sausage. There is also a vegetarian sandwich option, as well as onion rings and okra. Lot-A-Burger takes its customers back in time with old-fashioned, thin burgers in a no-frills setting. Consider walking up to this establishment to obtain delicious food, eaten on the classic wooden picnic table. 

Location of Lot-A-Burger

2260 South 3rd Street
Memphis, Tennessee 38109
(901) 946- 2001
Lot-A-Burger | Facebook

Review of Lot-A-Burger

“What most would call a “hole in the wall” offers the best tasting burgers I know of!  Even among ATL’s top burgers, LOT A Burger is #1 for us!” Michael P.

Chef Tam’s Underground Cafe

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Image Capture from Chef Tams Underground Cafe Website

Chef Tam’s Underground Cafe  is located in the Edge District of Memphis, Tennessee. This restaurant fuses Cajun staples with Southern favorites and then wraps up each dish with love and care. This soulful cafe is owned and operated by Tamra Eddy. Eddy was raised by a long line of cooks, bakers, and restaurant owners, setting her up for success. Her maternal grandfather owned a BBQ restaurant, her father owned a homestyle restaurant, and her paternal grandmother was a professional baker. With her grandmother’s passing and cooking instilled in her, Tamra knew she too would open a restaurant. Chef Tam’s Underground Cafe was born to create dishes that satisfy taste buds and expand customers’ palettes. Some customer favorites include fried chicken, peach cobbler nachos, and muddy mac-n-cheese. Chef Tam’s Underground Cafe offers a one-of-a-kind dining experience that all should seek out. 

Location of Chef Tam’s Underground Cafe

Chef Tam’s Underground Cafe
668 Union Avenue
Memphis, Tennessee 38103
(901) 207- 2598
HOME | TheChefTam

Review of Chef Tam’s Underground Cafe

“We had a fun experience at Chef Tam’s this week! She was there and came over to our table to say hello. She also asked if we’d like to try a new appetizer she was contemplating putting on the menu. It was loaded tater tots, and it was very good! We had a party of 10, so we tried quite a few things on the menu. The food was good, and the portions were huge. Chef Tam also took pics with us before we left. Overall very fun experience! The parking is the only thing to take note of. There isn’t much parking unfortunately. We had just come from a tour of Sun Records, and we ended up going back to park over there and walk over to Chef Tam’s to eat.” – Johna D.

Roxie’s Grocery 

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Image Captured from Roxies Grocery Facebook

Roxie’s Grocery has been serving the Memphis, Tennessee community for over 37 years. This literal “corner store” not only offers fresh groceries for customers to purchase but located at the back of the building is an in-house restaurant. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner Roxie’s Grocery aims to create delicious meals all day long. 

The hamburgers served at Roxie’s are placed upon big buns, are made with “pure ground beef”, and topped off with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, mustard, and ketchup. At Roxie’s, they use hoop cheese, which is a mild, fresh cow’s milk cheese. Roxie’s Grocery has been a staple in the North Memphis neighborhood, being frequented by city workers who spread the word about the delicious specialty burgers. 

Along with burgers, they also sell fish, smoked sausage dinners, and sandwiches. Some sides include spaghetti, mac-n-cheese, greens, and cornbread. Unlike most establishments, customers can also opt to get breakfast all day long if they wish. Roxie’s Grocery is committed to making home-cooked meals yummy and accessible for all people and if you ask the owners, moving or upgrading their store is not in the picture. If you find yourself in the area stop by Roxie’s Grocery, you won’t be disappointed. 

Location of Roxie’s Grocery 

Roxie’s Grocery 
520 North 3rd Street
Memphis, Tennessee 38105
(901) 525- 2817
Roxie’s Grocery | Facebook

Review of Roxie’s Grocery 

“My sister took me there on my birthday and it was delicious..The people were friendly and the service was excellent…I will be going back…” – Robin J.

Find a Black-owned Restaurant near you in Memphis, Tennessee

I hope that this article helps you when choosing where to eat your next meal. Consider supporting one or all of the previously mentioned black-owned businesses this black history month. For more black-owned restaurants visit the Edible Memphis.




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