Are you a small business owner who’s on the fence about starting a blog?  Let me give you 21 reasons why I believe a small business blog is the best thing you can do for your business right now!

small business blogging 21 reasonsIt’s time.

In today’s age of mass social media adoption, and the unprecendented opportunity in SEO (exposure in Google) within hyper niche markets, there’s never been a better time in the history of the internet to start blogging for your small business than right now.

Small business blogging, for some strange reason, has falling by the wayside in the mainstream discussion of ‘what should small businesses being doing right now to grow their audience and grow their business?’

The opportunity for building a loyal, ever green, ever growing audience of raving fans of your products and services is sitting right at your fingertips — that’s right, your keyboard.  Small business blogging is, in my humble opinion, the definitive growth engine for every small business in existence, and for every small business idea that’s about to leap out of the mind of an entrepreneur,

So if you’ve been on the fence with starting a blog for your small business, here’s 21 reasons why you should launch today:

  1. Google search is favoring hyper local / hyper niche content.
  2. Blogs provide the best platform for creating hyper local / hyper niche content.
  3. Small business blogging empowers the entpreneur and small business owner to refine their niche audience and market.
  4. The more you blog, the more traffic will come to your small business website.
  5. The more you blog, the better you’ll get at writing for “just the right audience”.
  6. The more you blog, the easier (and faster) you’ll get at producing amazing content for “just the right audience”.
  7. Small business blogging will create more than just customers – you’ll build a community around your business.
  8. You’ll build a loyal audience of followers — otherwise known as “RAVING FANS!”
  9. Every new blog post is another piece of content to share throughout social media.
  10. Blog posts give your original, unique, and authenticate content to share throughout social media – versus sharing stuff other people write for their blogs.
  11. A small business blog gives you a platform to express your own ideas, thoughts, and visions for your business, products, and services, and allows other people (your community) to interact with you on these ideas – with a small business blog, you’ll never be alone (again, your RAVING FANS! will always be there to support you.)
  12. The better you get at writing for “just the right audience”, the more traffic from this market segment will be coming to your site.
  13. A blog opens up multiple ways for you to connect with your unique audience through email subscription forms, give aways, live webinars and hangouts, etc…
  14. You can even sell your own items, or launch an entire e-commerce store, right from your small business blog.
  15. Your blog will become the #1 lead generation source for your products or services.
  16. Your blog, being the #1 lead generation source, will undoubtedly become your #1 revenue engine to continue growing your business.
  17. Your blog WILL open up many different opportunities for you to consider in growing your business.  The more you grow your audience, the more you’ll learn from your audience about what their unique needs are and how you can meet their growing needs.
  18. Your small business blog can become your primary customer service support channel.
  19. The content you produce, the authoritative your blog (and your small business) will become in your market space.
  20. As a result of your growing authority, you’ll become the leader in your market space and everyone will be talking about your business, products, and services.  This results in mass exposure, natural and explosive growth in inbound links from other sources, and will naturally elevate your small business to the next level of success.
  21. Finally, starting a small business blog will not only help you to connect with your audience and grow your business, but you’ll learn more about your audience (their struggles, wants, needs, pain points, etc…) than you ever could’ve learned without your blog.  Your blog will become the conduit for conversation and connection with your ever-growing audience of customers and fans.

So what do you think?

Are those 21 reasons good enough for you to start blogging for your small business today?

Not sure where or how to get started with your own small business blog?

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