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Dentures, or false teeth, are a device that was invented to help replace any missing teeth. They are supported by your soft and hard palate. Once the measurements are taken, a specialist in a dental lab designs the unit. Dentures in Atlanta, Ga. can be removable partials or complete sets. Thanks to all of the new materials and techniques, it can be quite difficult to detect an appliance when it fits well. Even though many people may prefer implants or a bridge, there are potential reasons why someone may not be a candidate for those devices, which makes dentures an excellent alternative.

Top benefits to those considering dentures in Atlanta are as follows:

Mastication (Dentures in Atlanta, Ga.)

Going through and replacing areas of the teeth that are missing provides the individual with the capability to chew better. Instead of having to gum the food, those with dentures in Atlanta, Ga. will be able to eat as they normally would. Diets will not be restricted to soft foods and purees just to handle your missing teeth.

Speech (Dentures in Atlanta, Ga.)

When you have your missing teeth replaced with dentures in Atlanta, Ga., it allows you to enunciate your words better, especially if the teeth that are missing are your upper ones. Strident word pronunciation is made that much simpler.

Consonants beginning with sh, s, j and ch were particularly problematic for those missing teeth. As the teeth are replaced, it helps to direct the flow of air with your tongue up toward the edge of your teeth being held closely together. Pronouncing the f consonant becomes easier when you place your lower lip up against your upper teeth while forcing the air through the narrowed channel.

Self-Esteem (Dentures in Atlanta, Ga.)

Those who have dentures put in to replace their missing teeth will have an increased level of confidence and self-esteem. You will not have to feel embarrassed because you have teeth that are missing or gaps when you smile. Eliminating the fear of smiling and showing your teeth to others is a thing of the past with dentures in Atlanta, Ga. in place. Confidence levels will soar to new heights.

Appearance (Dentures in Atlanta, Ga.)

When you have dentures that are properly fitted, it will help eliminate the granny look as many call it. Your cheeks and wrinkles will not have the collapsed appearance of so many others. Wrinkles around your lips will not be something you have to worry about because your dentures in Atlanta, Ga. will help support your mouth and provide you with a natural looking facial appearance.

Making sure your device has the necessary stability, support and retention helps make all of the aforementioned benefits possible.

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