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We all know that we only get one set of teeth so we need to take care of them. But sometimes in our day-to-day lives we forget that are teeth are a precious commodity until our teeth remind us that they need a little attention. Sometimes our teeth will tell us because they are yellowing or have a plaque buildup and then other times it can be more serious like cavities and tooth pain.

To keep your teeth in tip top shape, here are a couple of pointers that professional dentist recommend.

Dentist recommend avoid problem foods

We all know that we are supposed to stay away from sugary foods and especially caramels and even from our favorite dark sodas, but there are some hidden dangers in your house. Many of these hidden dangers are not easy to stay away from.

Chewable Vitamins –  Yes vitamins are good for you, but make sure you take care of your teeth afterwards. A vitamin is a good thing, but if the concentrated acid is sitting between your teeth, then that is not good. Swishing with a little water afterwards will help.

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Dried Fruit –  By now you’ve probably noticed that all of these things are generally healthy for you. Drying fruit takes it from hero to villain. Fiber rich to caramel like. We all know that caramels are a no-no for teeth, so why do we eat fruit made into a caramel like substance?
Citrus Juice- The acid in citrus is bad for your teeth. Acid can erode enamel. After you drink something with acid, wash your mouth out with water. Dentists also recommend waiting at least 30 minutes before brushing your teeth. This gives your saliva time to remineralize your teeth.

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Dentist recommend eat foods that are good for your teeth

You’ve heard the saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well, an apple a day keeps the dentist away too. We can’t always keep away from the no-no list, so adding some foods in from the good list can help you out.

Celery – This super dental can help remove plaque and it is a great way to massage your gums. While all fruits and veggie in their raw form will help your teeth, celery is one of the best. Try chewing on a stick after you have had something especially bad for your teeth or when brushing is not an option.

Cheese – Cheese has lots of calcium in it that is necessary to build healthy teeth, but it can also promote a healthy PH balance in your mouth.

Water – Water should not be underestimated in its health benefits. Water helps both your body and your mouth. You finish every meal with a glass of water. It will help remove debris from your mouth and encourage saliva production.

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Still trying to find the best dentist in Perry, Ga.?  Call Dr. Frazier now @ 229-365-0065

Dentist recommend brush your teeth

We’ve all heard this from infancy: Brush your teeth at least twice a day.

There are lots of debates about how to exactly brush your teeth properly.

Some say you need to brush up and down, while others insist that you need to brush in a circular motion.

We aren’t here to tell which way is better.

Just make sure you brush long enough to get all of the reachable surfaces in your mouth, even those hard to reach back molars.

Dentist recommend floss daily

Flossing is a good idea whenever you can do, but you should at least get into your mouth with floss once a day.

Brushing can’t reach all of the spaces on your teeth.

Food bits and bacteria can hide between your teeth, building up into unsightly tartar and plaque.

It doesn’t take much additional time to add flossing to your nightly routine.

Dentist recommend to use mouthwash

We know that finding a good mouthwash to add to your dental routine can we daunting.

Do I pick the one that whitens? Do the ones that claim to restore your teeth actually work?

Should I pick one with alcohol or without alcohol?

Some of these come down to personal preference. Even rinsing with good old water can help benefit your dental hygiene.

Ask your dentist for a recommendation.

Dentist recommend to have regular dental checkups

Finding a dentist in Perry, Ga. is challenging enough which is why when it comes to searching for dentist in Perry, Ga. there are a lot of clients who make the drive down to see Dr. Frazier at Rochelle Family Dentistry.  Getting the best possible dental care from a professional dentist who is critically important for you and your family.  Affordable dental care is even more of a challenging for families in Perry, Ga. and Rochelle Family Dentistry has the best prices for dental care anywhere in the area.

There is no alternative for regular checkups with a dental professional. Even with your best efforts, plaque can build up on your teeth and sometimes as we age, a cavity or two can form. Sometimes our genes can work against us too. Your dentist can monitor your dental health and alert you to any problems that you may be having with your mouth. You may not be able to tell something is wrong without their help.

If you don’t already have a dentist, don’t delay in finding one. Look online or ask for recommendations from your friends or even your insurance company. Dental health is something can’t be put off. It is something that can affect your whole being.

Still trying to find the best dentist in Perry, Ga.?  Call Dr. Frazier now @ 229-365-0065

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