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Choosing a Dentist in Fitzgerald, Ga.

When it comes to finding the best dentist in Fitzgerald, Ga. then why not follow the lead of so many other clients and head over to Rochelle Family Dentistry in Rochelle, Ga.  Finding a dentist in Fitzgerald, Ga. is hard enough to begin with.  With dentists seemingly on every corner in Fitzgerald, how do you know who the best dentist is for you?  That’s why having recommendations for dentist from families and friends can help dramatically in deciding who the best dentist is for you and your family.

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So you’ve made sure to take care of your teeth through the years. You’ve brushed, flossed, and visited the dentist. But as you’ve gotten older your teeth are starting to have a few problems and you need a bridge or may even dentures. Or maybe you are a young athlete and a recent injury took out several of your teeth and they need to be replaced.  And more than likely, you live in Fitzgerald, and you’re wondering where the to find the best dentist.

Whatever the reason you need serious dental work done, we’re here to help. Choosing the right dentist to put in your bridge, crown, veneers, or even dentures is important. So we’ve compiled this list to help you choose the right dentist and right procedure for you and your family.

Call around and ask some friends or co-workers about the best dentist

Sometimes the best place to start looking for a dentist is to ask people that you know, whether they are your family, friends or co-workers.  Have they had a good experience with a dentist? Do they know someone with dentures? Do you know someone else with implants, dentures or veneers?

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  • American Dental Association:  the most widely respected association for dentists in the United States allowing dental patients access to a wide range of resources for healthier teeth and better overall dental health.
  • All about Dentists:  Wikipedia page about Dentists.  This is one of the most authoritative webpages on the internet about dentists where you’ll learn about history, practice, and bibliographical information about the practice of dentistry throughout the world.
  • National Dental Association:  the most widely respected national level dental association where you’ll find dentist from all over the United States as members.  From cities as large as Los Angeles, to a small as dentist in Cordele Ga., you’ll find valuable information about dentist.
  • Georgia Dental Association:  research dentists in Georgia by visiting the Georgia Dental Association website.  Great resource for tapping into a large knowledge base for dentists throughout the state of Georgia.

Call your insurance company about your dentist

Dental implants are expensive. If your insurance will help you pay for them, then you are in a better place. But your insurance will not cover every dentist.

Call and ask them for a referral.

However, just because your insurance plan suggests them, doesn’t mean that they are good or affordable.

This is just a place where you can start.

Do your homework on possible treatments from dentists

There is not just one way to fix most dental problems. Sometimes one dentist will suggest a cap or crown while another will say that veneers will do the job just fine. If you know what the dentist is talking about, you will be able to make a more informed decision.

Even if you know that you have to get a dental implant, the types of implants also vary. There are three main types of implants.

Root Form Implants – These are the most tooth like and the strongest, but they also require of strong, thick jaw bone to drill into and attach the new synthetic root for the new teeth.

Plate Form Implants – These implants are for those with a jaw that cannot support the root form. As the name suggests, a plate is inserted onto the jaw bone and the teeth area.

Subperiosteal Implants For those whose jaw is considerably weekend, a more superficial process is taken. This implant is installed just under the gum line.

Still trying to find the best dentist in Fitzgerald, Ga.?  Call Dr. Frazier now @ 229-365-0065

Look into the dentists’ education and credentials

When you are looking for a dentist for implants, you may want to find a prosthodontists, or denture specialist. They have an additional three years of experience in implants and dentures. Depending on what type of implant you decide upon, you may need to go to an oral surgeon. Many implants require pretty extensive surgery that cannot be done by all dentists. But this is not always the case.

If you need dentures, you may be able to talk to your family dentist as many of them now can easily be made in a dentist’s back room. This can save you hundreds of dollars in production cost. Of course, you want to make sure that your dentists is thoroughly skilled in making dentures first, but this does not mean that they have to have a specialty in dentures.

If you live in a big city, consider finding a dentist in a smaller nearby town

The cost of operating in a large city is a lot more than operating in a smaller town. Just the cost of rent could be hundreds or even thousands of dollars less in a small town.

These dentists can pass on the savings down to you.

Spending money on an extra tank or two of gas may be worth it if you are able to save a couple hundred dollars or more on your implants.

Call for a consultation from the dentist first

When you meet with your potential dentist, discuss what your options are. Some dentists might suggest a bridge and a root canal while others may suggest pulling the rest of your teeth and giving you dentures. You really need to make sure that your dentist give you options and gives a good explanation for his reasoning behind his suggested treatment plan. And if you’ve done your homework before, this part should be easy.

Before you go, make a list of questions that you want to ask. Does the dentist fit all of your criteria? Does he fit most of them? Even when the dentist fits all of your requirements, he or she may still not be the right dentist for you. If your intuition tells you that the dentist isn’t right, you may want to listen to it.

Finding a dentist to do your implants, dentures, or cosmetic dentistry doesn’t have to be difficult or intimidating. Just take a few minutes to do your research and then use our tips to find the perfect dentist.

Still trying to find the best dentist in Fitzgerald, Ga.?  Call Dr. Frazier now @ 229-365-0065

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