So often we think of hiking as something that we just do in the woods.

Ours shoes, whether minimalist or traditional, are there to protect our feet from sticks, rocks hidden under a slime of leaves, and the occasional bug. But have you ever thought about hiking an exotic location in your minimalist shoes?

I’m not just talking about the Appalachian Trail or the Grand Canyon here.

Take a look at some of these extreme trails where minimalist footwear my come in handy.

Petra, Jordan:

Do you remember Indiana Jones and that beautiful city in the desert carved out of a rock face, hidden from the world? Well, it’s not so hidden anymore. Tour buses bring people by the dozen to view it. Instead opt for the 50 mile, seven day hike through the rocks to a private viewing of the monastery carved out of the rock or many of the other grand features in the area.

Bay of Fires, Tasmania, Australia:

If you are in the mood for a beach vacation, check out the Bay of Fires. I always can’t think of many better places for minimalist hiking boots than a four day trek across the surreal landscape of white sand alien rock formation on this Australian beach.

Kungsleden, Sweden:

I know, Sweden? For hiking?

This trail is located a hundred miles in the Arctic Circle, so make sure that you bundle up and don’t go to late into the year, especially if you are used to warmer climates. The landscape includes miles of tundra plains, glaciers, and even a mountain over 6,000 feet. The trail provides a little bit of everything. Plus, about a day’s walk from each other are cozy little huts for protection.

Croagh Patrick, Ireland:

Test the limit of your minimalist hiking boats on this rocky mountain hike in Ireland.

The path looks like rocks and pebbles are just piled up on top of each other making a giant mountain. Minimalist shoes will add additional feel for traversing the rocky, slippery path. This path is dedicated to St. Patrick, so you will see lots of pilgrims and not just hikers going up this mountain. It is also the shortest trail that I have suggested at about 8miles.

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