When we hear the term barefoot or minimalist running shoes we automatically think of running, right? However, minimalist running shoes aren’t just for running.

They can be used in almost any exercise where you will be using your feet. Just because you aren’t a runner doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from barefoot shoes.

Check out these everyday exercises that can benefit from minimalist footwear.

Mall Walking:

When you visit the mall, I am sure that you have seen people walking around in a hurry with athletic shoes avoiding looking at all the goodies on display in the store windows.

During winter moths this activity is especially popular and free.

Actually any kind of walking, whether it be on the street, beach, or in a mall can benefit from the corrective action of minimalist footwear.


Dancing is one of the most fun forms of exercise on the market today. And with the advent of popular exercise dance classes like Zumba, there is no excuse not to test out a class and use your minimalist footwear. Many of these classes benefit from a flexible foot that the barefoot shoes provide.

Think of them as an athletic ballet slipper. Dancing is also a fun activity that you can do with friends or a significant other.


Whether you are climbing a mountain, hill, or the stairs carrying up your vacuum, minimalist shoes have relieve some of the tension on your feet, legs and back.

Next time you do your laundry, put on your favorite pair of barefoot shoes and make as many trips as you can putting your clothes away upstairs.

Or for added control, next time that you mountain climbing, slip on a pair of minimalist shoes or boots.

Yard Work:

There is a reason we call it yard work; it’s hard work.

When we work in our yards, we spend a lot of time crouching down or walking behind a lawnmower.

Minimalist shoes can still offer you the protection that you need, but help your feet attain a more natural form.

So next time instead of putting on your work boots or old tennis shoes, try out a pair of minimalist shoes instead.

Your back and knees will thank you.

I am sure you can get creative and think of more areas of exercise that can be improved with minimalist running shoes.

Think outside of the box and your body will thank you.

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