What is it about hiking that exhilarates you and makes you want to get back out onto the hiking trail?  Is it the fresh air that you find only in the mountains or deep in the woods?

Is it the refreshing brisk walk that you get from being on the trail?  Or perhaps it’s the quiet peace that you find when you are isolated from all the noise in the world.

Whatever it is, for the avid hiker, the trail is always beckoning you back.

That is becoming a picture that is commonly found among minimalist hikers as well – that beckoning back to a deeper level of experience while hiking, and becoming closer to nature while hiking.

It’s something that is difficult to attain while wearing the traditional hiking boot, mostly due to their  thick soles and heavy weight.

Minimalist hiking boots are a trend that’s growing among both hikers and inclement weather runners, i.e. those who run in cold weather climates.

Because the minimalist hiking boot is ultra thin, and ultra light, the hiker is able to feel more of the trail under their feet.

And thus allowing them a more natural experience while hiking.

For the runner who runs in inclement weather, the minimalist hiking boot provides a solution to what to wear while running.

Again, because of the light weight, ultra thin makeup of the minimalist hiking boot, runners are able to get out and take in a great run without being bogged down by heavy boots or running shoes.

Getting back to nature, for the hiking enthusiasts, is most easily achieved by wearing a pair of high quality minimalist running boots.

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