You’ve heard the saying before right… that less is more?  It’s a saying that finds it’s way into many facets of our lives and tells a tale of how doing less, having less, or producing less ends up netting us more.

This same cute little saying can be applied to the new trend of minimalist hiking.  And more specifically, to the experience of hiking in minimalist hiking boots.

So to bring it all together in one phrase, less is proving to be more when it comes to minimalist hiking boots!

What does mean exactly, and how is “less actually more” when it comes to minimalist hiking boots?

Great question.

With a great pair of minimalist hiking boots, like the Kuuva from Feelmax, you actually will get a lot more out of your hike than you would with a pair of traditional hiking boots.

First, minimalist hiking boots will allow you to experience more of mother-nature while hiking.  Because the Kuuva minimalist hiking boot has an ultra thin sole, and are ultra light to the degree where you forget you are even wearing boots, you’ll experience more of the trail underneath your feet.

This sensation of being more in touch with the earth during your hike will give a much more exhilarating experience, and being more satisfied with your time spent on the trail.

Second, you’ll get more of a workout during your hike with less by wearing your minimalist hiking boots.  Again, because the minimalist hiking boot like the Kuuva from Feelmax is ultra thin and light, this is going to give your feet, legs, and back muscles more of a workout than you would have gotten by wearing traditional hiking boots.

Because minimalist hiking boots are thin, more muscles in your feet and legs are going to be required to work harder.  This not only will leave you with a more exhilarating experience overall during your hike, but the workout you’ll receive will be exponentially more satisfying and productive.

As you can see, doing more with less is true even when it comes to hiking with a pair of minimalist hiking boots.

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