So you are now the new, proud owner of your first pair of minimalist running shoes and you’re ready to slip em’ on, lace em’ up tight, and head out for your first 5 mile’r… right?


We are super excited that you are now one of the few, the proud, the committed runners who are making the switch to the minimalist running lifestyle, but there’s a right way and wrong way for going about breaking yourself into your new shoes – and your new lifestyle.

Let’s first talk about the wrong way to go about breaking in your minimalist running shoes.

1)  Moving too fast

What exactly do I mean by moving too fast?  I mean, if you’ve never ran in a pair of minimalist running shoes then you need to take er’ slow.  Running in minimalist running shoes is much different than the traditionally thick soled running shoes that you are used to.

You need to move slow – or take it slow at first – and work your way into your minimalist running shoes as your feet, legs, and body adapt.

2)  Doing too much

Again, just like moving too fast can be dangerous with your minimalist running shoes, so can doing too much at first.  I’m speaking primarily of your muscle groups that are directly affected by wearing and running in your new minimalist running shoes.

Muscles such as the ones in your feet are not initially developed to your thin soled running shoes.  So by not overdoing it, and pacing yourself, is the best way to quickly build up the muscles in your feet and legs so that you can move into a much higher level of health and fitness.

Next let’s talk about what you SHOULD be doing with your new minimalist running shoes.

1)  Stretching before your run

Something you should be doing anyway before each run is stretching your legs and your feet.  But with your new pair of minimalist running shoes, this is critically important.  Again, as I mentioned before, you are going to be using muscles in your feet and legs that your body just isn’t used to.  This means your muscles are going to need a little bit of time to develop.  And stretching before your runs will allow them the they need to grow.

2)  Run with good posture

For a lot of runners, minimalist running shoes are great because they almost force you to run with good posture.  However, it is definitely something can be neglected and your form can get way out of line.  This is definitely not something your want to be dealing with as you embrace your new minimalist running shoes.

So keeping your posture straight, landing on your feet softly, and ensuring that your make a conscious effort to keep your shoulder straight and chin up while running will help you adapt faster to your minimalist running shoes.

What are some tips that can share with us who are just getting started with minimalist running shoes?

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