Minimalist hikers are the type of the people who are really looking to get more out of their experience on the trail.  Because the minimalist hiker prefers to be “more in touch” with the earth beneath their feet, and because they are looking to find more enjoyment, satisfaction, and exhilaration from their hiking experience, more than likely they are always trying to find better ways to have a more enjoyable hiking experience.

The ultra thin soles of the minimalist hiking boot allows the hiker to experience more of the ground beneath their feet, giving them a sensation they are almost walking barefoot on the trail.  Yet with a high quality minimalist hiking boot like the Kuuva from Feelmax, you’ll not only get the sensation of barefoot hiking, but you’ll also have more protection and stability.

Making the most of your minimalist hiking boots means your hiking boots have to be able to deliver at all levels.  They must have a thin enough sole to allow you to experience the feelings of hiking barefoot.  But they must also be high quality enough to allow you the safety and protection you’d come to expect from a high end hiking boot.  Not all trails are equal – some are going to be challenging with a lot of rocks, debris, and other obstacles.  So it’s imperative that you have a minimalist hiking boot that can rise to the occasion.

What’s interesting is that not everyone uses minimalist hiking boots just for hiking.  Some people get the most out of their hiking boots when they go running during the winter months.  A lot of avid runners find minimalist hiking boots to be the perfect companion for winter runs.  Because they are so lightweight and versatile, the minimalist hiking boot allows runners to easily adapt to winter conditions while getting in a great run.

So what are some ways you are getting the most of your minimalist hiking boots?

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