Minimalist running shoes are a great way for any runner to start experiencing a new level of strength, stamina, and endurance with their running.  With the popularity of minimalist running shoes taking on a whole new level, the research and development is showing that runners who use these shoes can experience substantial benefits to their overall health.

When it comes to minimalist runners, especially new runners who are just now starting to explore this new world of running, there are a few things to be cautious and aware of.  Most of these would be common sense to someone who’s considering purchasing minimalist running shoes, but they are important enough to cover nonetheless.

3 Tips for the New Minimalist Runner

#1:  Take things slow at first

As it is with nearly anything that’s physically new to you as an athlete, you should always break into the “new” slowly.  This is especially true when it comes to making a switch from the traditional running shoes to the ultra thin, light, and versatile minimalist running shoes.  Not breaking into minimalist running slowly can end up causing injury to your feet or legs.

#2:  Stretch your feet

Because you’ll be running in shoes that are ultra thin, your feet are going to be a lot more engage with the ground as you run.  This new level of engagement for your feet will require, especially at first, some time for the muscles in your feet to build up.  And as it is with any new muscle group in your body that’s building, you’ll need to stretch your muscles to keep them growing healthy and strong – the same is true for your feet.

#3:  Stretch your leg muscles

I know – this is a no-brainer and probably something most runners to anyway, but with your new minimalist running shoes, it’s critically important to not only stretch your feet muscles but also your leg muscles.  Again, because minimalist running shoes are super thin and light, they are going to make the muscles in your feet work a lot hard compared to traditional running shoes.  And because your feet are working extra hard now, so will your legs.  And that means the muscles in your legs are being put under stress and muscles that didn’t have to work before are now being worked.

I hope these three tips helped you as you get ready to venture into the exciting world of minimalist running.

What are some other tips that you’ve found valuable for runners who are considering, or who have just started, with minimalist running shoes?

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