No doubt that body structure, efficiency and skills of a runner are the most important factors of running. But, beside the above stated issues there are some other factors that affect the form or pattern of running as well. The design of running shoes is a factor that can equally affect the speed and form of running.

Passionate runners always looks for shoes that makes them feel comfortable, have good support, and doesn’t have any risk of having injury for running. Minimalist running shoes, in this sense, should be the number one choice for all runners.

Minimalist running shoes provides runners with the ultimate barefoot feeling. The features of minimalist shoes fit the best with dedicated runners. A minimalist shoe is always much lighter in weight compared to other typical running shoes. Due to the lighter weight of the shoe, a runner feels more comfortable while running. There is enough space in the inner side of the shoes to fit the toes of the runner.

The flexible soles of minimalist running shoes support the runners most to keep running.

There are always some risks associated with traditional shoes. The thick padding of typical shoes creates pressure on the balls and ankles of the runner’s feet. This may lead to serious injury. But minimalist running shoes don’t create that pressure, but rather, they support the feet of the runners without the extra padding.

There are many different brands on the market today that offer minimalist running shoes. Among the brands Feelmax is one of the most popular. Feelmax launched the running shoe Osma that has attracted the attention of runners. Osma contains all the features of a perfect minimalist running shoe. The shoe has an ultra flexible and lightweight sole that gives a barefoot feeling to runners.

The laces of Osma allows the runners to tighten them to their preferred level of comfort. The powerful grips of the shoe allow maximum traction for long distance comfort. And lastly, the structure of Osma helps runners make a gentle landing and minimizes the risk of having any injury.

As a result of these features, minimalist running shoes boost the speed of runners and make their form better. Perhaps this is why minimalist shoes are liked so much by dedicated runners.

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