Minimalist boots were introduced to provide the hikers with the ‘barefoot’ feelings. One very unique feature that distinguishes minimalist boots from other typical boots is the thinner sole of the boots. The lower part of the shoe is made up in a way that the hikers can feel every substance under their feet. Minimalist boots are usually soft and light-weight, and as a result, more supportive and comfortable for the hikers.

Why are minimalist boots are so comfortable? Many would say that it’s because of its soft lining and the right placement of its pad. Usually the inner side of these boots is spacious enough to fit the toes of the hikers. So, there is no risk of feeling discomfort due to not having enough space for your toes to wiggle. Again there is lace in the boots so that you can tie the laces in a way that gives you the most comfort.

The weight of the boots is always a prime factor as it has a direct impact on the comfort of the hikers. The lighter the boots are the better they are for the hikers. Minimalist boots are extremely light-weight and this may be why these are the best for hiking and using in snow and cold. The ultra light-weight of minimalist boots adds to the comfort of the hikers and may be another reason for choosing it.

Experts argue that the comfort of wearing minimalist boots depends on its flexor sole to a great extent. The soles of these boots are usually thick enough for providing protection, but still offering an outstanding feeling on the ground. The grips of the boots are powerful enough to endure the harshness of different attributes of the ground. According to the experts, you can use these boots on plain land, steep dirt, and even in rocky trails because the sole and grip of minimalist boots work with concrete, pebble, sand, and even snow and ice.

There are different brands of minimalist boots available in the market. Feelmax is one of the most popular brands that make the most supportive and comfortable minimalist boots. One of the products Feelmax marketing currently is the Kuuva. This particular boot is supportive, comfortable and most of all stylish at the same time. The best thing about Kuuva is it gives the hikers the perfect barefoot feeling with its 2.5 mm rubber soles. Feelmax boots are usable in all seasons: from dry weather to mild or even slushy snowing condition. The grips on the Kuuva are made to comfortablbly support the foot of the hikers. Feelmax boots contain all the features a perfect minimalist boot should have, Kuuva can be your best friend while hiking.

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