Minimalist hiking boots differ from normal or typical boots because the sole of the shoe is thinner. This makes the user more aware of everything under his or her feet. Whether it is a pebble, a twig, or even a small amount of sand, you will feel each grain being pushed under your feet as you move along. Minimalist boots are also designed to be a little loose compared to normal boots. This is because the thinner sole puts more pressure on the foot itself. To provide the user with comfort during this process, the shoe is designed to be a little loose so as not to hinder the expansion process.

One of the most popular brand of minimalist hiking boots is Feelmax, so named because the wearer will be able to maximize the feeling of the natural environment (similar to when one is walking barefoot) while maintaining a sense of comfort.

Whether you are a professional hiker or an occasional one, Feelmax hiking boots will be the perfect choice for you. They will be your number one friend on your hiking trips and will stick with you for a long time. These shoes are specifically designed to withstand a shocking amount of wear and tear. After all, these shoes are specifically designed for adventurous hikers. Some users have given the product 10 out of 10, stating that they have literally walked hundreds of miles while wearing the boots.

One specific design line by Feelmax is the Kuuva hiking boot. These boots provide great ankle support. They go up to 4 inches above your ankle and are, therefore, a great choice for many young and new hikers who are afraid some debris might slip in their shoes. Even professional hikers who understand the hardships they are going to face on their trips buy these Kuuva boots by Feelmax.

The Kuuva boots have been recently redesigned by Feelmax to provide their customers with not only comfort but also great style. The Kuuva boots are available in a dark gray base color with one simple red line running through the middle from the toe to the laces and back to the heel. These stylish designs allow the users adventure and a close to nature feeling, while providing comfort and style.

Whatever hiking boots you choose, they must satisfy two conditions: provide security against any small harm and provide comfort to relieve fatigue on the hiking trip.

Feelmax can provide those, plus they’re super stylish!

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