Are you getting ready to hit the trails this coming weekend with a hot new pair of minimalist hiking boots?  If so, you more than like aren’t going to be alone.  Barefoot hiking boots – otherwise known as minimalist hiking boots – are a fast growing trend among trail hikers throughout the world.

Hikers are definitely into getting closer with nature, and are looking for ways to get more in touch with the trail and their environment as they are on their hikes.  And minimalist hiking boots facilitate this in a lot of different ways.

When considering hitting the trails in your minimalist hiking boots, there are few things that you need to keep in mind.  Safety of course is always at the forefront of anything you do when it comes to hiking.  But for those who are wearing minimalist hiking boots, you need to be even more alert with what you are doing.

4 Things to Consider While Wearing Barefoot Hiking Boots

#1:  Always step straight down 

One of the last things in the world you want to do while on the trail with your minimalist hiking boots is to scuff or drag your feet.  While on the trail, there’s a lot of rocks, sticks, and debris.  Dragging or scuffing your feet across the trail with minimalist hiking boots can not only quickly damage your new boots, but could also cause injury to your feet.

#2:  Keep Your Eyes Looking Ahead

The next thing to keep in mind while hiking on the trail with your minimalist hiking boots is to keep your eyes looking ahead on the trail.  Knowing what lies ahead is the best way to prevent any injuries and to ensure that your minimalist hiking boots stay in excellent shape.  The more experienced you become with hiking, the better you’ll get at this skill.

#3:  Shifting Your Weight Forward

While wearing your minimalist hiking boots, the best way to focus on building the strength of your feet is to shift your weight forward and favor walking on the balls of your feet.  The other way to look at this is to ensure that you don’t walk in a way that favors your heels.  Walking on your heels with minimalist hiking boots will take away from the benefits that minimalist hiking boots can deliver to your legs and feet.

#4:  Awareness

Finally, while hiking with your minimalist hiking boots, you must develop a habit of awareness on the trail.  When you get better at knowing your surroundings while hiking, and are more aware of what lies ahead, you’ll be on your way to maximizing the benefits of your minimalist hiking boots.  By being more aware, you’ll ensure to step straight down, keep your eyes looking ahead and not scuff your feet, and focus on shifting your weight forward.

When you are are more aware and focusing on all of the above, you’ll be well on your way to maximizing your barefoot hiking boots.

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