Barefoot Running Shoes

So are you part of the growing movement of runners that are considering switching to minimalist (or barefoot) running shoes?  If so, then you are definitely in good company because the trend is growing quickly across the United States.  The logic behind making the decision to switch to minimalist running shoes (or barefoot running shoes) is driven, by most anyway, by the hopes that wearing the thin running shoes will strengthen your feet, increase positive posture while running, all while combining to turn you into a stronger, faster runner.  And by most research up to this point, all points to these claims being true.

However, when someone is considering making the switch to minimalist running shoes from the traditionally thick soled running shoes that we all know, you need to keep a few things in mind.  First and foremost, you want to ensure that you don’t injure yourself while making the switch to minimalist running shoes.  And here’s a few things to remember while converting over.

First, you might want to consider putting on your minimalist running shoes and take walks at first, and then when you get back from your walk, then put on your traditional running shoes and go for your run.  Walking at first with your minimalist running shoes will help get acclimated to your new shoes – their feel, style, and impact on your feet.

Next, after you are used to walking in your shoes you can consider taking shorter runs in your minimalist running shoes.  Again, move progressively from walking into running and ensuring you are 100% comfortable with your new minimalist running shoes.

Finally, after you’ve progressed from walking to taking shorter runs, and you feel that your feet are now ready, you can make the move to longer runs with your minimalist running shoes.

The point is – you need to make the change from traditional running shoes to your new minimalist running shoes gradually.  If you push things too fast, you will open yourself up to potential injuries.  But if you take it slow, and grow into your minimalist running shoes, then you’ll be on your way to getting the most benefits out of your new running shoes and style.

So have you made the switch from traditional running shoes to minimalist running shoes?

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